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March 10, 2010 11:14 ET

Six Must-Have Items That Could Save Your Life

Expert Describes Products That Can Make the Difference Between Life and Death in an Emergency

ALPINE, UT--(Marketwire - March 10, 2010) -  Daryl Stevenett, founder of LifeCaps, knows what it's like to do without in an emergency.

"I can still remember a trucking strike that happened in Canada when I was very young," he said. "My mother took me to the grocery store with her to stock up on food, but when we got there, everything was gone. What if the power was turned off resulting in no heat and no refrigeration?"

Today, Stevenett is a veteran outdoorsman who prides himself on surviving with only what he can carry on his back. That's why he swears by the following items that can save your life in an emergency:

  • Premium First Aid Kit -- "The first thing I recommend is having a good first aid kit on hand," he added. "Make sure that it is portable and contains all the basics, including antiseptics, bandages, gauze, scissors and a solid first aid guidebook."
  • Food Replacement -- "Now what about food?" Stevenett asked. "In an emergency when food is not available, I recommend a product called LifeCaps, a small super vitamin nutrition pill that feeds your body the nutrition it needs to keep the hunger pangs at bay. The pill is safe to eat on an empty stomach and contains no chemicals or stimulants -- just 100 percent of the RDA of primary nutrients, vitamins and minerals."
  • Swiss Army Knife -- "I know it's a cliché, but you can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned quality Swiss Army Knife, with various blades and accessories," he said.
  • Fire -- "I know you can't bring fire with you, but a good fire starter is the next best thing," he added. "The fire starters I use will still work, even if they get wet. I bought a couple different kinds of flint fire starters. I will never go back to matches. There are some great instructional videos on this site."

"With these products, you'll have the basics of food, shelter, fire and protection from the elements," Stevenett said.

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Daryl Stevenett is an avid backpacker and outdoorsman who was introduced to the great outdoors by his father who raised Daryl on the farm that was homesteaded in 1905 by his great grandfather.

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