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January 08, 2010 19:01 ET

Six Sigma Certification Remains Strong Throughout Recession

Aveta Business Solutions' Craig Setter Comments on the Strength of Six Sigma During the Recession

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - January 8, 2010) - With economists split as to whether or not the recession in the United States is ending, many sectors of business are, and continue to remain, extremely volatile over the past 12 months. The exact reasons for this phenomenon vary greatly depending on who you ask. The reasons seem to range from the inability to locate credit for business expansion, all the way to shaky forecasts. This has left very few industries in a position of growth.

"Some of the strongest players in this economic climate are the industries that can restore long-term value to the U.S. economy," says Craig Setter, President of Aveta Business Institute's Six Sigma Online.

"Stimulus plans and bailouts do not make a country powerful. Historically, it has always come from a country's exports. We have lost a lot of manufacturing revenue in this country, because our domestic manufacturing costs were too high to turn a profit. Six Sigma helps to reduce these types of costs, in order to make domestic companies much more competitive in a global market."

It is that manufacturing growth that Mr. Setter attributes to the steady increase in popularity of Six Sigma throughout the economic crisis.

According to Google Trends, searches for the term "Six Sigma certification" are up over 60% worldwide from this time last year. In the United States that number has grown even higher.

With unemployment figures rising over 10%, many workers have flocked to such types of training to make them more valuable in the workforce. Combined with the "cost saving" strategy of lean Six Sigma, it makes it one of the few options for both individuals and companies in a stagnant economy.

Mr. Setter continues, "The sad fact is, when consumers are pinching pennies, an MBA in marketing or accounting, and all of the experience in the world will not do much to improve your situation. Companies need solutions that return dollars directly to their bottom line... especially in relation to long-term growth."

Six Sigma is a quality improvement method that was developed in the 1980s that is used to help identify and reduce errors in all business processes. The method has been successfully integrated into many of the world's largest companies and organizations like Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, and the United States Armed Forces.

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