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January 28, 2011 17:15 ET

Six Sigma Growing Fast Among Universities Amid Criticisms

As Six Sigma Certification Is Added to College and University Curriculums, Industry Veterans Warn to Remain Skeptical of the Level of Training That Is Offered

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - January 28, 2011) - Six Sigma, a quality improvement methodology for businesses, is quickly becoming commonplace in many of the colleges and universities across America. A Google search for "Six Sigma training" on college websites yields over a thousand results. Despite its popularity, this development has left much to be desired by many in the quality management community, according to Six Sigma Online.

Originally created by Motorola in the early 1980s, Six Sigma started gaining enormous popularity in the early 2000s. "A few years ago it would have been pretty difficult to find Six Sigma offered by more than a few colleges or universities," notes Craig Setter, President of the Aveta Business Institute. "Back then, Six Sigma training was either provided by private consultants or internally in a large corporation such as GE. It simply did not belong in a college curriculum."

Setter's statement reflects the fact that the methodology was designed to streamline an organization's internal processes through a full-scale corporate initiative. It was meant to be learned within your company, customized to your job. The role of a Six Sigma certified individual is often in addition to that employee's regular duties. It was meant for employees, not individuals.

Setter continues, "As more universities enter the market, they are attempting to beat each other by lowering the training requirements. A course that used to take well over 100 hours can now be done in less than a week at some 'respected' universities. There is no way that the necessary skills can even be covered, let alone mastered, in such a small period of time."

As can be seen in many industry forums, Setter's feelings are not uncommon. There is a strong belief that such training does a disservice to the methodology as a whole, according to Six Sigma Online. "People are so used to receiving quality education from such large institutions, they now just assume they will get it. Unfortunately, it is not the students who will suffer the most, but it is their employers who will bear the burden."

The Aveta Business Institute is the leading provider of Six Sigma training. They were one of the first institutions to offer online-based Six Sigma certification almost 10 years ago. The services provided by Aveta have helped many of the world's leading companies and government agencies return profits to their bottom-line. Six Sigma Online is a leading provider of online-based Six Sigma Training and Certification, with programs offered by Aveta Business Institute.

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