SOURCE: Jackson Hole Group

August 18, 2008 17:11 ET

Six Steps to Help Leaders Handle Accelerated Business Dynamics

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - August 18, 2008) - Businesses everywhere face tough new challenges. That's why strong leadership is more important than ever. According to Jim Wiggett, founder and president of human capital management company Jackson Hole Group, businesses need to employ situational leaders for long-term success.

Situational leaders are critical in today's accelerated business world. When a key moment occurs in an organization or the marketplace, they take advantage of it by recalibrating to realize success. They:

--  Are multi-dimensional
--  Have the ability to adapt
--  Collaborate and focus on "team"
--  Actively learn and listen
--  Are convincing without being abrupt
--  Evaluate and shift their business strategy ongoing

"When something dramatic happens, these people are still standing," says Wiggett. "They find a way to play differently and successfully." Successful situational leaders realize that you can't do the same thing with more commitment, and expect different results. You have to play a new game.

Fortunately, situational leadership can be learned. When Jackson Hole Group enters an organization, it first looks at other companies to establish comfort. "It's a safe environment to brainstorm what's going on with other businesses and what you would do," says Wiggett. "There's less risk and emotion. Next, we look at their business, so they can expand their thinking and look at more options. It's then about where do we go from here and stepping up to create a new vision in response to the situation you face."

For leaders faced with a significant business change, Wiggett suggests these six steps:

  (1)  Step back and objectively analyze your business
  (2)  Invite new thinkers in to stimulate the discussion
  (3)  Frame a new working model
  (4)  Create an implementation strategy identifying all impacted
       audiences, activities or organizational capabilities
  (5)  Make necessary adjustments as you test the plan
  (6)  Communicate with both your employees and external market

"Situational leadership is the response to an opportunity," says Wiggett. "It allows you to reinvent your business."

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