July 01, 2014 15:10 ET

Size Matters: What to Expect After Penile Implant Surgery

Penile Implant Specialist and Creator of the "No-Touch" Technique, J. Francois Eid, MD, Helps Patients Optimize Post-Implant Penis Size

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 1, 2014) - According to erectile dysfunction expert, J. Francois Eid, MD, the number one concern of men who elect penile implant surgery is not sexual performance, it's penis size. There is nothing better than a normal erection, and while a penile prosthesis produces very firm and satisfying results, the differences from physiological erections should be considered.

"Size of the penis after a penile implant is, understandably, of major concern for most patients," says Dr. Eid. "With all my patients, I am committed to bringing them the satisfaction they are looking for when they come to my office looking to get a penile implant. I owe it to every patient to carefully prepare them for penile implant surgery by explaining the results and setting appropriate expectations."

From pre-operative communication to implantation to aftercare, a penile implant expert is responsible for preparing and counseling a patient so that they stay focused on the goal of the implantation, maintain realistic expectations, and take proper care during recovery to guarantee optimal results. 

An experienced surgeon will provide ample results
Erectile dysfunction can cause penis shrinkage in men suffering from Peyronie's disease, in patients with diabetes, and especially in men following nerve injury caused by prostate cancer surgery. In order to give patients a realistic picture of how their implant will function and how big their penis will be after implant, Dr. Eid performs an in-office penile injection test before the surgery. He measures and documents the length of the penis, and shows the patients what they are to expect after penile implant surgery.

"There are a number of men that are unsatisfied with their penile implant because they were expecting more," says Dr. Eid. "The size of a flaccid and erect penis with an implant depends on several factors. When flaccid, a penis with an implant will appear longer and wider as the cylinders prevent it from fully retracting. In no way will a penile implant enhance the size of the penis, although some surgeons falsely advertise that length enhancement can be achieved with a penile implant."

Instead, Dr. Eid encourages patients to focus on the goal of having a penile implant, which is sexual function. Realistically, after an implantation, a patient will notice differences in the penis, but they will have attained their goal of engaging in sexual activity again. Dr. Eid makes sure to educate and prepare his patients for life after penile implant surgery. "The more the patient knows before, the better and faster recovery they will have after," says Dr. Eid. 

Shrinkage is not caused by penile implants
While pre-operative communication is key in achieving the highest satisfaction rate, an experienced surgeon will implement the best techniques for implantation and recovery. "Inexperienced penile implanters routinely undersize their implants for fear of making the cylinders too long and causing erosion of the distal tip into the urethral meatus," explains the penile implant specialist. "This leads to a lot of buzz on the internet that a penile implant makes the penis shorter." 

To ensure appropriate healing and prevent penile shortening, post-operative care is critical. If the implant cylinders are not inflated within the first two months, the retracted size becomes the permanent size of the erect penis. Dr. Eid routinely brings patients back to the office to cycle the device within the first four to eight weeks after surgery. Inexperienced doctors allow the patient to heal after a penile implant without having them inflate and deflate the device, which causes the penis to heal over deflated and retracted cylinders, causing decreased inflated length.

The bottom line: The most important step in the process when considering penile implant surgery, is finding the most experienced surgeon, one that you know you can trust. A surgeon with a high success rate and satisfaction rate will help you maintain realistic expectations, ensure that you are prepared for life after a penile implant, and is backed by the experience to use the best techniques for your implantation to bring you the best results you can imagine.

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