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March 07, 2011 08:03 ET

Skandia Nordic Implements Comprehensive SOA Governance Infrastructure From SOA Software

Banking and Insurance Provider Reduces Risk, Improves Agility and Lowers Cost

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 7, 2011) - SOA Software, a leading SOA and Cloud Services Governance provider, announced today that Skandia, a global insurance and banking company, selected SOA Software's Policy Manager and Service Manager to govern its online banking system.

"We first started looking at SOA Software in December 2007 and by March 2008 there was no doubt in our minds we had found the best-of-breed SOA governance solution," said Robert Ekblom, CTO at Skandia Nordic IT. "SOA Software proved to be very cooperative, flexible and responsive to our needs and requirements. Choosing SOA Software's solution was an easy decision to make and we are confident we have invested in the best governance solution to meet our current and future requirements."

As a long standing, respected financial institution, Skandia has always been an early adopter of technology. In 1995 it was one of the first European banks to offer online banking facilities to its customers. As complexity grew and the need for a single view of the customer arose, Skandia needed to adopt an SOA strategy. To achieve the goal of sharing and reusing information and functionality, Skandia integrated its many systems using Microsoft's BizTalk Server, part of the Microsoft Application Platform.

Skandia's SOA initiative grew quickly with the number of services expanding rapidly in a very short time. As it scaled its environment, Skandia realized that it needed a solution to govern, secure and manage its many services. The initial tactical solutions, including manual governance procedures with checklists and a home grown service repository were not suited to handle to ever increasing number of services. Skandia quickly realized that it was critical for it to gain control over these services throughout their lifecycle.

Skandia launched a search for an automated end-to-end SOA governance solution to handle both the current and future requirements of its infrastructure. SOA Software excelled at every stage of the selection process and proved to be the best solution to meet and exceed Skandia's stringent requirements. Thanks to the ease of implementation and ease of use of SOA Software's solutions Skandia was able to conduct extensive technical tests investing minimal resources and time, and demonstrate considerable value in increased quality of services at delivery, reduced costs and improved business agility while delivering a future proof, scalable infrastructure. SOA Software's Policy Manager and Service Manager products are now an indispensable part of Skandia's current SOA implementation and future strategy.

Service Manager's BizTalk Server and IIS agents enforce security and other operational policies and provide detailed monitoring for all the services in production. Policy Manager provides the central authorization point and a user friendly graphical control dashboard that the governance team uses to effortlessly monitor and manage Skandia's SOA.

"We simply cannot live without the operational visibility, monitoring and management that SOA Software delivers," said Martin Svensson, SOA governance architect at Skandia. "We can even detect when external service providers' performance degrade and can react quickly."

Skandia reaps estimated financial benefits in excess of $2,000,000 annually in resources, productivity, reduced downtime and customer retention using SOA Software's products.

Skandia is now able to detect problems before customers do and deal with problem resolution in a matter of minutes. It can determine which consumers will be affected if a service goes down, and can help ensure the integrity of its financial transactions by easily managing service security from a central location.

Skandia deals with a large number of external service providers including payment system providers, and the control Skandia is able to apply through SOA Software's capabilities is an invaluable asset in ensuring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met and that issues do not affect or jeopardize Skandia's core businesses.

Skandia's governance team consists of only 3 people despite managing hundreds of services in demanding production environments.

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About Skandia
Skandia has provided financial stability for more than 150 years -- through times of war and times of crises, from the agrarian society into the global wireless communication culture.

From this we have established a long and proud tradition of entrepreneurial spirit, product development and deep engagement in the society at large. Today we are one of the leading providers of financial solutions and long term savings in the world. We are a part of the Old Mutual Group with headquarters in London and 54 000 employees in 34 countries worldwide.

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