December 01, 2011 07:00 ET

SkanzJr Invites Kids to Be Part of the QR Code Craze

SkanzJr Offers Kids Trend-Setting Style and Safe Online Fun With Interactive Fashion Accessories -- Available Online and at Retail Outlets Nationwide for the Holiday Season

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Dec 1, 2011) - Skanz, a new QR-coded platform, today invites kids ages 7-12 to be part of the QR code craze with SkanzJr bandz -- combining trend-setting fashion and safe online and mobile fun. The SkanzJr line of QR-coded, interactive, silicone bracelets is now available at, and at toy stores, kids' apparel boutiques and specialty gift shops around the country for the holiday season.

With SkanzJr, kids choose from a selection of eight trendy-colored silicone bracelets, each imprinted with a unique QR code, and each containing a secret alphanumeric code (found on the back of the band) that is their key to joining the world of Kids register their bracelet and then get creative and build their own, unique mobile website -- their Skanzsite -- by adding:

1) Wallpaper - choose a background that matches your style
2) Profile icon - choose a peace sign, smiley face, baseball, etc.
3) Skanzsite name - such as "Dog Lover," "Beach Girl," "Soccer Goalie," etc.
4) My Favs - "fill in the blank" of your favorite movie, TV show, food and more
5) This or That - "check the box" of your preferences (e.g. pancakes or waffles, sugar cone or wafer cone, chocolate or vanilla, etc.)
6) Music - add your favorite music videos

New wallpapers, icons and content will be available each week so kids can continue to enhance and update their Skanzsite. Skanzsites do not ask for or contain any personally identifiable data, although a parent's email address is required during bracelet setup. There is no to cost to register or maintain your Skanzsite and SkanzJr account.

"Kids want in on the QR code scene and SkanzJr delivers more than just the magic of scanning and decoding a retailer's promotional code. Think of Webkinz meets Silly Bandz with a big helping of QR-coded fun," said Tammy Lewis, chief marketing officer of Skanz. "By offering kids the chance to create their own, customized, online experience and then decode it, share it and wear it on their wrists, SkanzJr gives kids their own QR-coded fashion statement."

With SkanzJr, kids don't need to have a smartphone to scan the QR code. To see or share their Skanzsite with family and friends, kids simply enter the bracelet's secret code into the QR Decoder on the homepage. Or, if they or their parents own the latest iPod touch or smartphone (Android, Blackberry or iPhone), they can scan the bracelet's QR code to reveal their Skanzsite. Skanz offers a lightning-fast QR code reader app -- Skanz -- available as a free download at the iPhone App Store or Android Market.

SkanzJr bandz are 1 inch wide, sized for smaller wrists, and with a retail price of $9.99 make a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer.

About Skanz
Skanz is a QR-coded social networking platform that links together mobile technology, social media and fashion. Skanz lets you create your own free QR code and conveniently store everything you want to share in your personal, secure, mobile website -- a "Skanzsite." With a line of QR-coded fashion accessories -- including Skanz silicone bracelets, Skanz phone cases and now SkanzJr bandz -- Skanz invites you to "wear the web and share your world". Create your free Socialprint™ at, or register your SkanzJr bracelet at Follow us on Twitter @QRskanz.

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Skanz and SkanzJr are QR Media Group brands. QR Media Group focuses solely on the use of QR codes to deliver just-in-target marketing solutions to businesses, nonprofits, event marketers and anyone interested in extending brand engagement onto mobile devices.

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