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December 02, 2014 15:39 ET

SkillCon -- The Ultimate Skill Convention

Have You Ever Wanted to Learn a Unique Skill? Serve Drinks Like Tom Cruise in Cocktail? Play Dodgeball Like Ben Stiller? Spin Signs Like Those Guys in Front of Jiffy Lube? Juggle Like a Russian? Play Volleyball Using Only Your Feet? or Dance Using Only Your Fingers? Now You Can Learn and Experience All This... and so Much More

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - December 02, 2014) - Dec.26, 2014 - Jan 2, 2015 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, NV --

Esports   Indie Games   Cosplay   Sepak Takraw   Juggling   Dodgeball   Sign Spinning   Flair Bartending   Yoyo   Finger Tutting   Cardistry   Rock Paper Scissors   B-Boy Dancing   Badminton   Cornhole

For 8 days in December, 18 unique skill events will converge in Las Vegas to form SkillCon, the ultimate skill convention. The highest level of object manipulation including Flair Bartending, Juggling, Yoyo, Kendama, Sign Spinning, Cardistry and many other events including Esports, Cosplay, Indie Games, Dodgeball, Major League Combat, Sepak Takraw, Rock Paper Scissors, Tutting, B-Boy Dancing, Wushu Martial Arts, Badminton and Cornhole will be on display throughout the week. Attendees will experience exhibitions, competitions, workshops, panels, keynote speakers, and seminars lead by high profile industry professionals. SkillCon will be producing 2 hours of competition programming for ESPN INTERNATIONAL during this 8-day event.

We've done our best to give you the most concise and compelling mini stories on each event taking place at SkillCon.

2014 Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Champion Justin Wong will be competing and holding exhibition matches at SkillControl where $4000.00 in cash pots are being offered for Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Tournaments and tons of casual play stations will be provided by AZHP Gaming from December 26th - 31st, 2014 at SkillCon.

Pro Battle League
The Intel sponsored LAN eSports event at SkillCon will be hosted by Pro Battle League and feature tournaments for Team Fortress 2, Sportsball, Minecraft, and more.

Indie Village

Indie games will land at SkillCon on December 29th and run through January 2nd. SkillCon attendees will be able to jump in and join games during the event. information about game development will be available for those interested in video game programming, design, art and music creation. Developers will be at the event to discuss their process and provide game development tips for attendees who might be curious about making their own games.

What better way to celebrate the new year than with a Cosplay Contest? Cosplay professionals Raychul Moore, Jennifer Kairis, Seth Hendrix and Yvonna Lynn will judge this New Year's Eve cosplay spectacular with host Jennifer Zhang. This contest will be immediately followed by the SkillCon New Year's Eve party.

The SkillCon New Year's Eve Party
A one-of-a-kind spectacle with unique exhibitions and performances including: Glow Dodgeball / Wushu Martial Arts / Glow Yoyo / Glow Kendama
Berlin Style Ping Pong / Glow Juggling / Glow Sign Spinning / Flair Bartending / Neon Sign Spinning and performances by Jennifer Zhang and world champion jugglers Lauge Benjaminsen, Dominik Harrant & Daniel Ledel, and Thomas Dietz.

Major League Combat
Major League Combat integrates the skill of club juggling into a team sport where players must attack and take out the opposing team. Held in an 80' x 40' competition arena, Major League Combat has captured the attention of ESPN, the Colbert Report, Grantland, and NBC's First Look. The Major League Combat finals will be shot for ESPN International at SkillCon.

Youtube Search: MLC 2012 for scintillating highlights :)

The World Juggling Federation Championships
The World Juggling Federation sets the standard for the world's most strictly judged juggling competitions at their annual events. Now in their tenth year of competitions, the WJF has produced twelve sport juggling competitions for ESPN and will be producing two full hours of competition programming for ESPN International at SkillCon. $10,000.00 is on the line for the WJF Overall Championship which will include competitors from Germany, Russia, Denmark, Wales, and the US.

Flair World Championships
19 Time World Champion Christian Delpech will host the biggest Flair Bartending competition of the year at SkillCon! Seminars and master classes will be lead by huge names in the flair world such as Tom Dyer, Tomek Malek, Marek Posluszny and Denny Bakiev. The current lineup of pro competitors include: Rodrigo Delpech (Argentina),Tom Dyer (UK), Tomek Malek (Poland), Marek Posluszny (Poland), Denny Bakiev (Ukraine), Luca Valentin (Romania), Bruno Vanzan (Italy), and Matteo Melara (Italy).

Aarrow Sign Spinners
The AArrow Sign Spinners will be holding their regional competitions this year at SkillCon, bringing 25 of the top competitors in the sport of sign spinning to Las Vegas.

Multiple world champions will be in attendance as these impressive competitors battle to win an automatic bid to the World Sign Spinning Championships.

The World Dodgeball Society is bringing the best dodgeballers from around the country to SkillCon! This tournament of champions will feature the best neighborhood teams, comprised of hard working and fun loving amateurs who play in social leagues within the society, ultimately determining which team is truly the best.

USA's First Professional Sepak Takraw Tournament
Sepak takraw is best described as kick volleyball: a "no- hands," gravity-defying net sport in which 3-player teams use aerial kicks and blocks to spike a ball over a 5-foot- high net. Takraw is widely recognized across Asia for its delivery of near-constant highlight reel action and jaw-dropping agility. Elite sepak takraw teams from around the United States will compete for the title of 2014 Sepak Takraw Open champion at SkillCon.

The Las Vegas Open YoYo Championship
A top-level yoyo contest featuring World and National Champions competing at the highest level of play for a chance to represent their country at the 2015 World YoYo Contest in Tokyo, Japan.

Rock Paper Scissors
Representing this sport at SkillCon is the greatest RPS player of all time, Master Roshambollah. "Rosh" (as his friends and opponents know him) wrote the foreword to the Official RPS Strategy Guide. He provided commentary for televised RPS on ESPN2, A&E, and Fox Sports, and has been featured on NPR, ESPN, the Discovery Channel, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Most recently, Master Rosh demonstrated the "Five Commandments" of RPS on the Travel Channel's "Game On America" program.

Howard Bach and Beiwen Zhang will face off in an exhibition match as the portent to the Badminton tournament to be held at SkillCon 2.

The American Cornhole Organization will host an ACO Masters Series Major tournament as well as Seniors(55+), Womens, and Juniors(17 and under).

Dexterity Dance League
Finger Tutting Competition hosted by the Finger Circus

B-Boy Dancing Competition
Hosted by Joe Remedy of the Brothers of War (Sacramento)

Playing card manipulation exhibitions and workshops led by some of the best in the industry -- Zach Meuller and Andrei Jikh

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