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Skin Conditions During Menopause: "" Presents Home Remedies for Acne, Wrinkles and More

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 1, 2011) - Dry skin, dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, acne, facial hair and stretch marks -- menopause can bring on a long list of skin concerns! Form women who are struggling with their skin,'s latest article, "Menopause Remedies at Home: Skincare Recipes for Acne, Wrinkles and Other Menopause Symptoms," offers some simple home recipes that will rejuvenate skin and address six common symptoms, and provide some much-needed menopausal pampering at the same time.

Low estrogen levels during menopause can decrease collagen production, leaving women with dry, itchy skin. Women can make items like toner and facial cream at home to help address this dryness. How can women make use of ingredients like aloe vera gel, essential oils, vitamin E oil and beeswax in at-home remedies?

This lack of estrogen can also lead to thinning skin during menopause, especially in the delicate area around the eyes. As the skin becomes thinner, the veins beneath become more visible, giving the unwanted appearance of shadowy dark circles. What are some ways that women can use ingredients like common vegetables and tea leaves to make soothing eye mask recipes?

For some women, hormonal changes also lead to hormonal breakouts, sometimes for the first time since the teen years. And unfortunately, acne can strike whether the skin is oily or dry. Homemade masks can help tighten the skin and clear the pores -- because what women wouldn't want clear skin during an already stressful time of life?

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