SOURCE: Skin Pro International, Inc.

Skin Pro operates the EliteSkin line of anti aging products, among others.

November 15, 2010 08:00 ET

Skin Pro International Announces 4th Quarter Plans & Signs Venetian Beauty, Inc.

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - November 15, 2010) - A dedication to laboratory research and improved customer service operations has helped Skin Pro International, Inc. (DBA Skin pro) evolve into a global player in the anti aging skin care industry. Based in Miami, Florida, the company manufactures skin care products under two brand names, EliteSkin, and Wrinkle System. Both brands were acquired in late 2009 and marketing of the popular brands ensued shortly thereafter. 

After a highly successful first two quarters, the company spent the summer months restructuring to better serve its global customer base. A previously outsourced customer service operation was brought in-house, and a major overhaul was performed on the order management system, providing a more comprehensive customer experience. A customer loyalty program, called "Skin Pro Points," rewards customers for purchases and allows them to use points earned towards future purchases. Other upgrades include a notification of current sales during checkout, as well as access to the entire catalog of Skin Pro products, regardless of which retail website is being used to process the order. 

Launched in tandem with the upgrades were four new products in the EliteSkin brand, including a patent-pending moisturizer called the Cryogenic Moisturizer, the first-ever cold-activated skin cream. Stored in cool temperatures, the thermogenic label changes to a blue color when it's ready to be applied to the skin. Perhaps the most popular product in this latest round of products is a daily use anti aging cream that works at the DNA level, called the Telomere Cell Cream. A daily use anti aging cream, this is used to restore telomere levels that naturally deplete as the skin ages. The company was highlighted in a cosmetics & skin care journal that caters to pharmaceutical companies called the Rose Sheet. In the publication, the company was praised for its use of Renovage, which is a clinically tested ingredient known for its ability to target skin cell life span and youth. 

The 4th quarter looks bright for Skin Pro. The company announced three new product additions to its Wrinkle System brand. The products are to be launched in tandem with a new website featuring informative, instructional videos by Denver-based make-up artist Danica Jardien. Jardien has worked with celebrities like Tyra Banks, among many others, who tap her expertise to create stunning, picture-perfect looks for film, TV, and print. 

Skin Pro also announced a distribution deal with Venetian Beauty. The company will warehouse the entire line of skin care products made by Venetian Beauty, and provide a global sales platform for this appealing brand featuring gold as an ingredient. 

Increased retail presence is also in the works for Skin Pro. "As the brands we operate grow in popularity, the retail demand increases," said company spokesman Tim Schmidt. "While our focus has been on core business practices, we continue to field many requests to distribute our products. Until now, we've primarily focused on small overseas markets, which have been very rewarding. We're on the verge of having mainstream distribution in Greece, which we're excited about," noted Schmidt. 

"The main priority going into next year is continuing the momentum we have built up, and getting products on shelves of beauty supply stores, spas, salons, and other wellness centers," added Schmidt. 

With a full time staff dedicated to laboratory testing, including a pharmacist, the future looks bright for Skin Pro. "Our quarterly board meetings are intense. We review the latest laboratory product samples, analyze new ingredient studies sent from abroad, and listen to our customer needs as documented by our customer service staff. We've made a lot of strides in 2010, and we're committed to serving our customers skin care needs through new product offerings in 2011 and beyond," concluded Schmidt. 

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