December 20, 2011 13:38 ET

Skincare & Beauty Calendar: Presents a Twelve-Month Guide to Complete Skin Transformation

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 20, 2011) - People can extend their New Year's beauty resolutions past the typical two weeks that it takes to forget about lofty goals. By adopting one simple change each month, within a year anyone can dramatically improve the health, appearance and future condition of his or her skin. Follow the yearlong plan in's latest handbook, "Month-by-Month Skincare Calendar: Twelve-Month Guide to Complete Skin Transformation," and be well on the way to achieving skin care success.


The colder months of winter are an ideal time to reflect on skincare habits and introduce new ways to nurture skin. What are some foolproof ways to create a fresh approach to skincare and beauty?


Refresh, renew and rejuvenate skin as the weather turns warmer with decisive steps toward healthy skin. What's the value of consulting with a beauty professional and indulging in some skin-boosting beauty treatments?


By summertime, most people have hit their beauty stride -- but now it's time to switch it up. Get tips for updating beauty goals and designing a warm-weather skincare routine to include a sun-kissed glow without the sun damage. How can people make better informed skincare choices with research into the latest ingredients for acne, anti-aging and other skin conditions?


The transition from summer to fall can mark a dramatic shift in skin, as the weather grows cooler and drier and schedules often get busier. People can prepare by going back to basics with effective, go-to skincare ingredients and the season's latest makeup and beauty trends.

November: Get a makeover by a professional makeup artist.

  • 'Tis the Season For Style: Tips For Enhancing Your Holiday Look, presenting easy tips for updating style, such as how to get the most out of a makeover or consultation, and the hottest color and cosmetic trends for the coming year. How can people make the season's beauty trends work for their particular skin type?

Back to Winter for the Final Rewards of 12 Months to Skincare Success!

The last stage of the twelve-month journey is an opportunity to reflect and rejoice in skincare accomplishments. Ready to acknowledge the beautiful changes and turn an optimistic eye toward the New Year?

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