April 25, 2012 17:00 ET Magazine Demystifies the Worst Excuses for Feeling Ugly: "Time & Money"

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 25, 2012) - It's an all-too-common complaint these days: what middle-aged woman can permit herself to focus on beauty and skincare when life becomes too busy and family finances too tight? The latest article by The 2 Worst Excuses for Feeling Ugly: "Time & Money" offers step-by-step, affordable and simple solutions for busy mothers, professionals, working moms and anyone else stuck in a beauty rut because of false assumptions about their barriers of time and money.

Wrong Excuse #1: "There isn't enough time in the working day for a complicated skincare and makeup routine."

Many women sometimes feel too rushed in the morning, and use this as an excuse to skip even some of the most important steps of their skin-, hair-care and makeup routine. How can women put together a polished and professional look in the morning in surprisingly less time? To find out, visit or click

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Wrong Excuse #2: "Keeping up with the latest fashion and beauty trends costs too much money."

Equating quality beauty products with high prices is one of the most common misconceptions. Actually, anyone can improve their appearance on even the toughest budget. To find out how, visit or click

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Even the busiest moms and hardest-working professionals can benefit from a little pampering -- without spending a fortune. To find out how, visit or click

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To find answers to all of the above questions, as well as many more tips on the most effective way to create a successful beauty routine and a gorgeous appearance, without wasting time and money, visit, or click

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