June 17, 2014 08:00 ET

SKIT! Creative Platform and App Take on Kid/Adult Social Media Divide

New Lego Movie Assets Span Ages of Creativity

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 17, 2014) - SKIT!, the smartphone and tablet app that creates fun animated shorts -- such as memes, remixes and more -- has just released The LEGO Movie characters, backgrounds and props including: Emmet, Batman, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Wild West, Bob's Kabob Truck, and dozens more to bring a whole new type of interaction to the content. The SKIT! app puts The Lego Movie characters, backgrounds, and more into the creative hands of fans, allowing for effortless story-telling and sharing in a social environment where brands and consumers evolve with creative expression. With the release of The LEGO Movie in BluRay DVD, Warner Brothers chose SKIT! to bring its fans satisfying, safe and constructive ways to make and share stories with The LEGO Movie characters, props and plots that have become synonymous with creativity and exploration.

"The Lego Movie speaks to such a wide audience of creators and storytellers. So with this release we wanted everyone who has ever loved LEGO to be able to build a Lego Movie story in SKIT! regardless of their age," said SKIT! Co-founder Robin Johnson. By introducing new COPPA compliant moderated "G-rated" pathways along with PG and PG 13 pathways, SKIT! enables the proliferation of content among the right age groups, making it the only social platform taking on the age divide. 

Kids of all ages are invited to invent stories using their own photos, images from the web or images and props from Skit's vast, fun library. Whether playing on your own, with kids of similar ages or with adults, SKIT! promotes fun and expression that cross the age divide in both play and sharing. Make your mom Wyldstyle, show you're funnier than Will Ferrell, make or remix skits, be a good guy or bad guy and let the community play with, absorb and appreciate your creativity. After choosing images, backgrounds and special effects, the user narrates and creates the animated skit, and then can share with friends and family on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and through text messaging, as well with the whole SKIT! community.

About SKIT!

With teams in Los Angeles, New York and Boston, the founders of SKIT! created an animated messaging app to help people invent stories using their creativity in a place where expressive sharing is fun and constructive for all ages. For tablets and SmartPhones, SKIT! reaches users of all ages.

SKIT! started when co-founders Max Woon and Robin Johnson met in front of a whiteboard in Santa Monica, California in late 2012 and began Storytime Studios. Together, they created the SKIT! collaborative storytelling platform, which was then accelerated by both TechStars and Warner Bros. Media Camp and launched its Beta in July 2013 at Comic-Con. For more information and to download the app, please visit

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