August 26, 2014 11:00 ET

SKIT! Incorporates Animated GIFs Into App

Giant Leap Forward for Content Creators

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Aug 26, 2014) - SKIT!, the fun, clever smartphone and tablet app that lets users express themselves and share cool content on social networks with animated shorts and remixes -- announced today the ability to use animated GIFs into skits. The new capability to add a GIF into a self created animated story or message makes SKIT! the most exciting and robust platform for creating entertaining content, putting capabilities once reserved for pros, now in the hands of the public. 

GIFs (an image file format used early and often during the development of the web) are commonly used in emails and newsletters, generally depicting a funny short animation. Common examples:

SKIT! app's new GIF capability ratchets up the creative potential of SKIT's growing number of members, who are using the app for stories, messages, and creative collaboration.

"Up until now, nobody has ever really found a good use for GIFs beyond basic memes or reaction messages," said SKIT! co-founder Robin Johnson. "They are generally good for a quick laugh, but beyond that, very limiting. Now, SKIT! offers a more creative and long-lasting use for the mighty GIF."

The announcement by SKIT! continues an upward trend of putting more powerful content creation tools, which were once only available to professionals, into the hands of consumers. With the rising popularity of tablets and smart phones, including iPad, iPhone, Kindle, and Android devices, social media users have proven to be massive producers and consumers of creative content, whether it's a video, selfie, or photo for Instagram.

"Nowadays the tools to create content are getting more sophisticated," Johnson said. "The creation and consumption of this content is leading to more positive affirmation and collaborative creation in the social media realm."

By mixing GIFs together with other GIFs, photos, drawings, and audio, SKIT! is creating an entirely new message medium. The possibilities are endless for SKIT! users.

Examples of GIF Skits can be found here:

About SKIT!
With teams in Los Angeles and Boston, the founders of SKIT! created an animated messaging app to help people spur their own creativity and to build a place for expression sharing that is fun and constructive for all ages. On iOS, Android and Kindle devices, SKIT! reaches users of all ages on any platform they might be using and helps them express themselves.

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