May 16, 2013 06:57 ET

skobbler Launches GPS Navigation & Maps for Android, a Market First That Delivers Online and Offline Functionality for Both Worldwide Digital Mapping and Turn-By-Turn Navigation

iOS success story skobbler targets the Achilles heels of Google Maps and premium satnav apps with its powerful NGx-based navigation AND mapping solution

NO OTHER app offers all of this:

- Worldwide travel mapping AND turn-by-turn navigation

- One-of-a-kind hybrid functionality that offers all maps, navigation, searches and features both online and offline

- Powerful skobbler NGx map engine delivering seamless operation with smooth panning and zooming and a variety of map styles (e.g. Outdoor)

- The full version costs just GBP 1 and includes one free offline country map

- Buy once and receive all future map updates for free

- Separate FREE trial version offers unlimited online worldwide maps, plus a 14 day trial of turn-by-turn navigation

BERLIN, GERMANY--(Marketwired - May 16, 2013) -

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skobbler, innovators in mobile location-aware services, today marks a major milestone in digital mapping by bringing together hybrid online and offline worldwide maps and full turn-by-turn navigation in a single low-priced app for the first time, with the launch of GPS Navigation & Maps for Android.

skobbler is looking to exploit the weaknesses of established Android navigation alternatives with the fully-featured GPS Navigation & Maps, which immediately offers an improved experience compared to both Google Maps and high-priced third-party alternatives. A revolution in sat nav for smartphones, GPS Navigation & Maps is effectively two great apps in one, with both online and offline turn-by-turn navigation and digital mapping, making it the ultimate travel app for smartphones.

Utilising the wildly popular open-source digital map OpenStreetMap and powered by skobbler NGx, the most powerful map engine on the planet, GPS Navigation and Maps has full online and offline capability. It is priced incredibly low at just £1 purely to underline skobbler's ambition to become the undisputed navigation and digital map app on the market. This low price includes complete and worldwide online functionality as well as an installable map of one entire country of choice for offline use. From here, users have the option to in-app purchase individual cities, states, countries and continents at low prices to use offline, and of course worldwide maps are available as standard for online use. Existing users of ForeverMap 2 will receive a free upgrade to GPS Navigation & Maps as soon as it becomes available. New users can either purchase the full app or try out GPS Navigation & Maps' free app with unlimited online functionality and a 14-day navigation trial.

While Google Maps is free to download and use, its offline functionality is very restricted. Users cannot perform any searching or routing tasks without an internet connection, which means that when abroad or in low signal areas they either have to pay expensive roaming costs or spend a significant time without map coverage, limiting its usability while travelling. Expensive alternatives such as Co-Pilot Live or TomTom UK & Ireland/Europe do offer premium features and of course offline navigation, yet none of them give users a choice of which areas they want to use online and which offline. Most premium sat nav apps generally cannot be used as travel apps at all, as their pure map functionalities are limited at best. GPS Navigation & Maps is the perfect blend. Offering the best of both worlds for a fraction of the price, it can be relied upon to deliver any place, at any time, and being two great apps in one offers a fantastic cost-to-benefit ratio and unbeatable flexibility for consumers. It's now entirely possible for individuals to build their own navigation and maps app depending on what resources they use the most, and more effectively manage the limited storage space on their devices.

GPS Navigation and Maps does it all, with full turn-by-turn navigation, worldwide mapping and all features of the software accessible both online or offline. This unique move, and market first, is made possible thanks to skobbler's innovative NGx map engine, which delivers a seamless browsing experience with ultrafast real-time rendering and stunning map visuals. NGx also offers a range of unique map styles to, for example, accentuate colour density for outdoor use to improve clarity. Maps are highly customisable with control over features such as online/offline functionality, map display (style and zoom), routing, map matching and more. Essentially, NGx is the reason why only skobbler is able to deliver the best of both worlds - navigation and travel apps (online and offline). No other map engine has this capability.

"We're very proud to launch the first navigation product utilising our powerful NGx mapping engine" says skobbler CTO Philipp Kandal. "Being the first and only company on the Android platform to offer full online and offline capability for both mapping and navigation, we hope both new users and our existing customers will be won over by the high performance and flexibility GPS Navigation & Maps offers. We're already working on future updates and have a few powerful additions lined up to improve the app's functionality and flexibility even further in the coming months."

Additional maps beyond the free map provided will be available via in-app purchases for offline use. In keeping with the low price for the initial app purchase, add-ons are similary competitive and are priced at £0.77 for cities, £1.11 for states, £2.22 for a whole country, £4.44 for a continent and just £7.77 for the entire planet, so users can quickly and easily supplement their map coverage as they see fit.

skobbler is committed to providing regular updates to users to keep maps fresh and accurate, and promises a range of new premium features in future updates. GPS Navigation & Maps will be available from the Google Play Store from 16th May 2013, with existing ForeverMap 2 users able to upgrade for free.

The full version of GPS Navigation & Maps, including one free offline country map, can be downloaded from here:

The FREE trial version offering unlimited online worldwide maps, plus a 14 day trial of turn-by-turn navigation can be downloaded from here:

For more information on GPS Navigation and Maps or NGx visit

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Founded in 2008, Berlin-based skobbler ( is one of the premier players in mobile location-aware services. With over 3.5 million apps sold on iOS alone, skobbler has regularly topped overall and category app charts in numerous countries, leading the way in the development of location technology and end consumer products based on the OpenStreetMap. This experience also facilitates skobbler's development projects for third parties. Based on the skobbler GeOS map access technology, which features the market-leading map engine skobbler NGx, companies can base their location-aware web or mobile services on the OpenStreetMap.

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