SOURCE: SKRM Interactive, Inc.

July 12, 2007 06:00 ET

SKRM Interactive Secures 140,000 SF Manufacturing Facility to Meet Product Demand

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - July 12, 2007) - SKRM Interactive Inc. (OTCBB: SKMI) is opening a new manufacturing facility in Logan, Utah to meet the demand for emergency response products. The 140,000 sf plant will be for manufacturing and assembly of the products from its planned acquisition of Sector 10 Services USA Inc.

In this post 9/11 and Katrina world, the quick application of life-saving procedures in the event of a major accident or attack is the difference between life and death. That is why Sector 10, with its mobile, self contained, emergency response equipment, needs the expanded facility to fulfill its enormous market potential.

Sector 10 CEO, Pericles DeAvila explained why the project is needed, "Experts tell us that survival is often a matter of response time in getting the right help with the right tools at the right place. Saving lives and reducing the suffering of the injured is a matter of 'timing.'

"Ask yourself this question: Are current emergency systems and processes efficient enough to save my life if I were a victim at a disaster site? Turnkey, quick response, disaster site 'standard processes and system' for emergency services, fire departments and ambulances are largely missing. Furthermore, the current ambulance and fire services are incapable of handling multi-level crises due to the capabilities of the vehicles. In a mass casualty situation, ambulances can only transport six to eight victims per shift due to limited space and decontamination requirements."

SKRM Interactive Research Director Christian Tedrow said, "That is why SKRM Interactive was so interested in acquiring the company. Sector 10 specializes in emergency mobile response equipment. The Mobile Response Unit (MRU) is like a miniature ambulance on two wheels and is designed to meet OSHA and EPA requirements in the work place."

Tedrow continued, "Outfitted with everything from antiseptic gauze wraps to Automatic External Defibrillators to Chemical Baths, the MRU has the capability to treat victims on site when there is no time to wait for an ambulance. With its maneuverability and high-tech medical equipment, the MRUs are an invaluable asset to any building, industrial site, large venue, or school."

Tedrow credits the innovations of Sector 10 to the genius behind it all -- Pericles DeAvila, the inventor of the MRU. "DeAvila's vision of the MRU was inspired by his experience during an earthquake in the Azores Islands in 1980 which caused immense human devastation and the loss of a close friend. The lack of access to quality medical equipment resulted in needless suffering and lost lives. Now, with years of entrepreneurial experience ranging from running his own condominium company to leading massive commercial/industrial projects, DeAvila is prepared to make Sector 10 Inc. the market leader for emergency response products for schools, cities and large companies."

Backed by an elite management team including Russell Marriot Jr., Linda Chandler, and former U.S. Senator Jake Garn, DeAvila is set to make his vision of accessible, reliable, and high-tech medical care a reality. Sector 10 Inc. MRUs are flexible and adaptable in order to meet the challenges of our time.

There are currently ten functional models of MRU. These models are available for use in different industry applications and in response to emergency and safety needs. There are a standard set of components in each MRU and additional components are customized to the needs of the client and industry. In all, Sector 10 Inc. offers over 35,000 options for emergency safety supplies and equipment.

Future product development with the MRUs are aimed at utilizing "smart" technologies. The goal is to integrate the MRU with building alarm systems, either unlocking the MRU only when an alarm condition exists, or tripping the alarm when specified areas of the MRU are accessed. MRUs can also be equipped with phones using special cell phone emergency communication channels so advanced care can be easily reached. Sector 10 Inc. plans to continually push and refine its products so it stays on the cutting edge.

The market focus for Sector 10 Inc. initially rests on multi-level building owners and occupants. With over 6 million buildings in the US, 400,000 of which are skyscrapers, this market alone represents the potential of up to $104 Billion. The top twenty buildings in the U.S. have been targeted for the initial sales drive and thousands of more leads are being examined.

In addition to multi-story buildings, future markets include Military/Homeland Security, construction/industrial sites, schools, hospitals, fire departments, cruise ships, large venue event organizers and humanitarian services. Sector 10 Inc. MRU has the ability to satisfy the need for quick and effective medical care delivered in diverse environments.

Accidents, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters are a part of life in the United States. How we deal with these situations and how quickly life saving care is administered is the difference between life and death. Sector 10 Inc. offers a unique blend of mobility, efficiency, and medical technology in a single unit that can be ready on a moments notice. Sector 10 Inc., by providing a valuable service that our country needs, is poised to become a market force.

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