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October 17, 2013 15:00 ET

SKTO's Medical Greens Announces a New Product Line to Market Through Contracted Collectives

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 17, 2013) - SK3 Group, Inc.'s (OTC Pink: SKTO) (the "Company") Medical Greens announces the development of a new delivery system for large doses of phyto-cannabinoids, as used in the "Simpson" therapy, and a new licensed product line utilizing this delivery system. Medical Greens will now license the Canna-Loz™ products to be available through collectives managed by or partnered with Medical Greens.

Canna-Loz™ is a soft lozenge containing 250 mg. of whole-plant cannabis extract oil, with approximately 50% cannabinoids, mainly THC and CBD, but with all of the lesser cannabinoids, as well as the entire array of terpenes and terpenoids.

Known as Organakoil, this extract has been available to patients for two years through the Dharma Care and Hospice Program. Utilizing the licensed Canna-Loz™ as the delivery system will make the therapy far easier and more palatable then the current delivery methods. Canna-Loz™ was developed as a delivery system that facilitates so-called "Simpson" therapy in the treatment of serious diseases, without the considerable discomfort of administration in the manner recommended by Mr. Rick Simpson in his "Run From the Cure" video on YouTube ( The standard recommended practice is to rub a "tic-tac"-sized bead of oil on the gums until one gram of oil is consumed daily, a messy and ill-tasting practice, which can leave the mouth and teeth green, and has proven to be difficult for some patients.

Under the license granted by Medical Greens, the concentrates are prepared using 190 proof ethanol (drinking alcohol) that has been certified organic. This extracting agent is used because it captures the widest spectrum of the medicinal elements found in the cannabis plant and is also the healthiest agent that can be used in this type of extraction.

A patient utilizing "Simpson" therapy can chew four Canna-Loz™ daily and receive the full one-gram dose recommended in "Simpson" therapy. Slices of the Canna-Loz™ can be placed between the gum and cheek for smaller doses, and the physical act of consuming the medicine is made far more pleasant.

"The Canna-Loz™ medicinalizes the rather messy process of taking the large doses of cannabis oil necessary for 'Simpson' therapy rather nicely," said Mary Ann Harrel Hoye, developer of the lozenge delivery system for Berkeley Bio-organic Research Laboratories. While this version is meant for high-THC cannabis oil therapy, we are excited about utilizing the lozenge for delivery of larger doses of our non-psychoactive phyto-cannabinoid newly licensed product line, Dharmanol™ in the near future.

Mr. Artemus Mayor, President of Medical Greens said, "We are excited about this new licensing opportunity and the other new product licenses that we have been able to obtain recently. Canna-Loz™ will further enhance our collectives' product lines and therefore more revenue centers for the collectives managed by the Company."

Canna-Loz™ is part of the licensed YAK line of medicinal cannabis edibles and will be available through the collectives and dispensaries managed by or partnered with Medical Greens. The license suggested retail pricing for Canna-Loz™ will be discussed during the Company's recorded conference call planned by the end of the month.

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