December 22, 2008 12:30 ET

Sky High Take-Away Coffee Prices See the Return of the Trusty Flask and Travel Mug Reports Higher Demand for Travel Coffee Mugs, and Attributes This to Economic Strains Causing Coffee Drinkers to Cut Out Their Take-Away Coffees

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - December 22, 2008) - Following the massive boom in the number of gourmet coffee shops springing up in UK high streets over the past few years the recent economic climate has now seen many of them place the 'closed' sign on the door for good. This even includes a number of branches of some of the biggest names in the business such as Starbucks.

Many retail analysts had predicted that it would only take a slight downturn in the economy for people to realise that paying up to £3 for a take-away cup of coffee was just far too much, and that whilst workers had got accustomed to drinking great tasting coffee 2 or 3 times a day they could simply no longer afford it.

It appears however that rather than give up their favourite cuppa and switch to another cheaper drink many people are making top quality coffees at home for less and bringing them into work in drinks flasks and travel mugs which keep the drink piping hot all day long.

This has resulted in a sharp rise in sales of corporate gifts such as drinks flasks and travel mugs over the past few months and it is a trend which looks set to continue. This a little known by-product of the credit crunch and is highlighted by Simon Mohan, Strategic sales director of online promotional gifts specialists, "People are watching every penny, so out goes expensive take-away coffees in favour of making their own at home. The result has been a landslide in sales of branded travel mugs which our clients are using to give to their staff and customers. This is bad news for the high street coffee shops, but good news for us."

"It's just common sense really," explained one London office worker. "Without realising it I was spending over £30 a week just on a few cups of coffee a day which was more than my travel costs to work. One of our clients gave our staff promotional mugs with their logo on as a promotion and that mug has saved me a fortune -- it's great!" has seen a 25% increase in sales of its promotional drinks flasks and travel mugs in the past few months alone and has now expanded its range to fourteen different travel mugs which can be printed with company logo or message at prices starting as low as £1.60 per unit. The mugs have proven to be the perfect low-cost way for companies to see their logo displayed around offices, shops or workplaces every single day.

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