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June 11, 2007 06:13 ET

Skyler Launches Industry's Fastest Order Book Aggregation and Analytics Engine Powered by Tervela's Intelligent Hardware-Based Data Messaging Platform

Skyler and Tervela Integrate Products to Offer Fastest Possible Insights Into Fragmented Liquidity Pools

WALNUT CREEK, CA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2007) - Skyler Technology, Inc., an innovator in providing ultra low latency trading solutions, combined its leading order book aggregation and analytics engine with Tervela's hardware-based messaging fabric to deliver the ultimate in low latency to trading applications. Algorithmic and program trading applications as well as trader's desktops gain immediate access to liquidity information and the power to act upon it instantaneously. Financial services firms can take advantage of this platform to find new Alpha generating trading opportunities across multiple liquidity pools with the confidence of knowing that no one will be faster. The combination offers extremely fast order routing and delivery capabilities, thereby accelerating the whole trading cycle from the moment market data enters the enterprise to the sending of orders to the exchanges.

With an uncompromised focus on providing the absolute lowest possible latency, the joint offering combines Skyler's embedded feed handling capabilities and the Skyler C3 order book aggregation and analytics engine with Tervela's hardware-based messaging, routing, and caching. The latency reduction derives from a minimal total number of network hops for market data and the use of next generation hardware-based acceleration and in-memory analytics capabilities.

"Skyler's C3 solutions provide ultra low latency and a high value add by focusing on real-time aggregation and analytics. Tervela's messaging fabric delivers unprecedented speed from accelerating the data delivery and management tasks in hardware. Together the solutions build an ultra low latency trading infrastructure that deals with the market data challenge throughout the whole trading process in the fastest possible, robust, flexible and tightly integrated way," explains Valerie Bannert-Thurner, PhD, Skyler's Vice President of Business Development. She continues, "The objective is to free our customers from their market data management and delivery problems and to provide them with the desired speed and head room to innovate new trading strategies and use market data in novel ways."

Tervela's Vice President of Engineering, Steve Cummings, says, "Tervela's Messaging Appliance is designed for customers and partners to integrate their applications right at our hardware-based messaging layer, thereby significantly improving performance and reducing latency."

Skyler Technology, Inc. develops ultra low latency trading solutions for faster and smarter trading. The Skyler C3 solutions source liquidity, trigger smarter trading decisions, and achieve higher fill rates at better prices. The Skyler C3 Liquidity Discovery, Algorithmic Container, Order Routing and Compliance Solutions are focused on specific customer needs and emphasize flexibility, ease of use, and simplicity of integration. They combine powerful, low-latency in-memory data processing technologies with market specific business logic modules. This combination results in improved trading efficiency and powerful and innovative trading systems. Skyler Technology, Inc. is a privately held company located in Walnut Creek, California. Please visit us at

Tervela provides hardware acceleration for trading infrastructures. Built from a hybrid of networking and middleware technology, Tervela's intelligent, hardware-centric data messaging platform is a simple yet powerful solution architected to deliver speed, scalability and stability to meet the demands of today's high volume trading environments. By integrating and accelerating the entire messaging ecosystem, Tervela gives customers a 10X improvement in capacity and performance over legacy messaging systems. The platform brings an unprecedented level of stability to trading environments by eliminating multicast storms, dynamically adapting to message traffic changes brought on by market volatility, and ensuring predictable performance -- even in peak volume periods. Founded in 2004, Tervela is funded by Goldman Sachs, Sigma Partners and Acartha Group. Please visit us at

For more information, please contact Valerie Bannert-Thurner at +1 (925) 952-4880 for Skyler or Steph Johnson at +1 (212) 410-2254 for Tervela.

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