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May 02, 2016 09:00 ET

Skylimit Creations Inc. Announces This Is the Best Time to Recruit Newly Graduated Graduates and Prospective College Students

GREENVILLE SC--(Marketwired - May 02, 2016) -  With the school year coming to an end, Skylimit Creations is expecting an overflow in recruitment and is planning on expanding and growing into more territories to accommodate the expected growth. The company focuses on fostering today's future leaders into tomorrow CEO'S through an award winning marketing approach. This approach is innovative, entertaining, and fundamentally rewarding.

It is no secret in today's day and age that the job market is one of the most competitive to date. Graduates are fighting across the nation to get positions fresh out of college. They are normally advised to take the first job they land, and truth be told those who get to stay within their degree field are considered fortunate. However Skylimit Creations is here to change that methodology because this does not have to be the case for today's inspired and driven minds. Unlike the typical jobs available to postgraduates, job seeking does not have to be sedentary. Hard work and determination can mimic your payoff and career placement. Skylimit Creations anchors core values in all their employees by continuous training and this pushes them toward their personal and professional goals of success. The introduction and training segment of their career is just like any person that went to school to get experience. Skylimit Creations implements a hands on approach that exemplifies real world aspects. A team of experienced leaders and managers teach all of their positions. This type of insight provides an accurate and honest demonstration of the company, along with the culture, and the opportunity.

"I went to college just like everyone else but now everyone has the same undergraduate degree as myself; a Bachelor's in Business Administration. After graduation I was just like everyone else going out to the workplace looking for a career in my field. Most jobs and organizations let me know up front, that I need more job experience. In my case I went to school on a Track and Field scholarship so I did not have time for internships or jobs. As months went by I went back to school to pursue my Masters Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Technology Management, not because I loved school, but because I wanted to become more marketable to these companies. I know how it is a struggle to spend years on end searching and settling for whatever is out there," states CEO O'bryan Clemons.

Unlike other careers, Skylimit Creations devises the appropriate management training techniques to bring the success out in people. Whether they are aware of it or not, they will become successful with the proper student mentality. Skylimit Creations provides the best in class management training program through effective leadership requiring tomorrow's leaders to look beyond today and be ready for future comings and goings. Skylimit Creations focuses their methods outward versus inward because they challenge their employees to look past themselves and prepare for the unexpected, and how to manage the success as it follows. Skylimit Creations feel as if they are ranked among the best on the East coast and want to continue its long haul of success.

Skylimit Creations Inc. is looking for motivated and energetic individuals who can contribute to the dynamic and unstoppable growth of their business.

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