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SkySQL Introduces Reference Architecture, Setting New Standard for Delivering Software, Services, and Support to the Enterprise and Cloud

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 13, 2011) - MYSQL USER CONFERENCE -

  • SkySQL™ Reference Architecture reduces complexity and cost of deploying data infrastructure solutions for the MySQL® database
  • SkySQL partners with Calpont, Canonical, Data Differential, Linbit, Monty Program, ScaleDB, Schooner Technologies, Webyog, Zimory and others for seamless data infrastructure integration and manageability

SkySQL Ab, the first choice in affordable MySQL® database solutions for the enterprise and cloud, today introduced the release of SkySQL™ Reference Architecture, aimed at reducing the complexity and cost of deploying some of the most common data infrastructure applications for high availability, Web scalability, data warehousing/business intelligence, and the cloud.

Widespread adoption of the MySQL database, as well as popular forks such as the MariaDB® database, has given rise to an abundance of powerful tools for managing every aspect of a MySQL database deployment. In turn, this deluge of tools has led to increased complexity and cost within the data center as database administrators struggle to integrate the various technologies. With the introduction of the SkySQL Reference Architecture, SkySQL sets a new standard in the provisioning of data infrastructure technology around the MySQL and MariaDB databases. Customers that choose solutions based on the SkySQL Reference Architecture will benefit from enhanced interoperability and manageability, as well as lower costs for their data infrastructure.

SkySQL™ Reference Architecture
The SkySQL™ Reference Architecture provides users with a comprehensive framework for logically organizing their data infrastructure technologies around their MySQL or MariaDB databases. The architecture leverages community best practices, as well as open and closed source software, validated and tested by SkySQL to be scalable, adaptable, and cloud-ready.

In delivery of this reference architecture, SkySQL is joining forces with the industry's most critical providers of data infrastructure technologies to deliver complete and customized solutions for common data infrastructure applications, including high availability, Web scalability, and data warehousing/business intelligence. These strategic partners will bring key technologies that significantly strengthen the architecture, while contributing to its flexibility and elasticity. Additionally, these partnerships underscore SkySQL's commitment to an open, best-of-breed ecosystem, giving MySQL users choice in preserving and extending their investment in the MySQL database. Initial partners include Calpont, Canonical, Data Differential, Linbit, Monty Program, ScaleDB, Schooner Technologies, Webyog, and Zimory. Additional partners will be added to the reference architecture as customers' needs evolve.

SkySQL™ Provisioning
A key feature of the SkySQL Reference Architecture is SkySQL™ Provisioning, a web-based system that provides the graphical user interface that allows the user to uniquely select components and configure a solution for their particular needs. In its initial release, SkySQL Provisioning v0.1 will feature components already available under the General Public License (GPL) and will not include support. SkySQL Provisioning v0.1 will allow users to customize four configurations:

  • MySQL or MariaDB database server
  • MySQL or MariaDB database server with replication
  • MySQL or MariaDB database with high availability
  • MySQL or MariaDB database with high availability and replication

Additional configurations, including those that feature closed-source software that allows full configuration of components and a SkySQL Enterprise support subscription, will be added throughout the year.

Customers interested in evaluating the reference architecture, as well as Partners interested in having their technology included in the architecture, should email SkySQL at

Supporting Quotes
"The SkySQL Reference Architecture reduces the complexity of developing and deploying MySQL solutions for a host of data center challenges, including scaling websites and leveraging the benefits of cloud computing," said Ulf Sandberg, founder and CEO of SkySQL. "Our approach gives developers peace of mind, knowing they are installing a safe, reliable solution backed by SkySQL's trusted team of MySQL database experts and its preferred technology partners."

"Calpont is thrilled to be part of the SkySQL Reference Architecture. SkySQL brings best practices to MySQL data environments, and we believe that InfiniDB, Calpont's high-performance, MPP column-oriented data engine is a perfect complement to the suite of tools and technologies that are being assembled. Together, SkySQL and Calpont InfiniDB make data warehousing implementation simpler, much faster, and highly scalable for MySQL deployments," said Jim Tommaney, chief technology officer, Calpont Corporation.

"We're excited to be working with SkySQL as part of its initial Reference Architecture launch," said John Pugh, software partner manager at Canonical. "This framework brings together critical data infrastructure technologies that have been proven in real-world deployments to solve some of today's biggest data center challenges. The combination of solutions, tools and expertise will be a boon to companies looking to accelerate solution development."

"SkySQL in a short period of time has taken the lead in pushing MySQL into the enterprise market. I'm thrilled with their announcement to support Drizzle. They are bringing a bit of fresh air back to the ecosystem," said Brian Aker, chief technology officer, Data Differential.

"SkySQL is the first to offer a commercially supported MySQL High Availability option based on the state-of-the-art Pacemaker/DRBD cluster stack. LINBIT is thrilled to be a part of this offering," said Florian Haas, partner relationship manager at LINBIT. "SkySQL customers can now rely on the high availability expertise of LINBIT and SkySQL combined, all in one package."

"The MySQL ecosystem needs support companies like SkySQL, where the first person you talk to knows more than you about MySQL or MariaDB," said Monty Widenius, CEO of Monty Program. "With MariaDB as part of the SkySQL Reference Architecture, MariaDB users can expect to get the highest quality of MySQL/MariaDB support in the industry."

"The SkySQL team is comprised of some of the best and brightest former MySQL team members. These are guys who understand customer needs better than anyone," said Mike Hogan, CEO of ScaleDB. "Their selection of ScaleDB as their solution for making MySQL highly-available and elastic in the cloud, speaks volumes about ScaleDB's software. We couldn't be more excited, to work hand in hand with SkySQL."

"Schooner is thrilled to include our flash-optimized Schooner MySQL and high-availability Schooner Active Cluster distributions in SkySQL's very compelling Reference Architecture," said Jerry Rudisin, CEO and president of Schooner Technology, Inc. "The SkySQL team has deep expertise in MySQL and is clearly committed to the success of customers whose businesses depend on their use of MySQL. Our users love the support and understanding of proven best practices that SkySQL brings to the marketplace."

"Like MySQL, the zimory®scale product enables elasticity of databases to operate flexibly and on demand in cloud environments. With SkySQL, we discovered a partner with equally compelling technology and experienced service capabilities to address customer needs for unlimited flexibility and scalability. We are thrilled to work with SkySQL; together we offer an outstanding cloud database solution that helps customers increase flexibility, reduce lock in and cut OPEX and CAPEX," said Ruediger Baumann, CEO, Zimory.

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