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November 03, 2015 09:00 ET

Slice Intelligence Unlocks the Purchase Graph for Advertisers

New Advertising Solutions Gives Brands and Retailers Superior Targeting and Measurement by Tapping Buying Behavior of Millions of Shoppers

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 3, 2015) - Slice Intelligence today announced it is giving advertisers access to its trove of US consumer purchase data to better target and measure the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns.

The advertising ecosystem relies on demographics and geographic data, sometimes with additional targeting based on a brand or retailer's own purchase data. Purchase data from other merchants is hard to come by, and purchase data -- at the item level and across all merchants -- is unique to Slice Ad Solutions. The result is smarter custom segments that let campaigns precisely target consumers based on the total buying behavior of millions of shoppers, across all merchants and brands, at the item level.

"We remove the guesswork. Right now, marketers have to guess competitors' customers, imagine their ideal audience, and then define them in limited demographic and geographic terms to target," said Ron Kato, vice president, Slice Ad Solutions. "Our approach is straightforward and transparent. Most importantly, it helps marketers target people based on what marketers should care about: actual sales data. And not just from their brands in their own channels, but from billions of sales across competitive and complementary products and services." 

Custom segments based on buyers from multiple retailers have proven effective for brands and retailers alike. Using lookalike targeting, campaigns powered by Slice Intelligent Segments have outperformed contextual ad units by two to five times.

"Slice Intelligent Segments exposes behavioral data that is invisible to marketers today," observed Kato. "For example, an athletic apparel company looking to sell football jerseys today relies on seeing who has purchased from them in the past. We can segment based on competitive sales and complementary activities, like belonging to a gym, attending local games, and subscribing to the NFL Network, or registering for Pop Warner."

Because Slice Ad Solutions is built on top of Slice Intelligence's item level purchase data from more than three million online consumers, marketers can also measure the impact of their campaigns based on actual sales across all online retail channels.

"How people buy online says a lot about them so advertisers with access to the Purchase Graph and our high definition data get the most detailed, nuanced view of their potential customers," said Kato. "Remember playing video games on the original Nintendo console? The difference between the fidelity in characters compared to what is available in the latest PlayStation is dramatic. Similarly, the visibility and precision we deliver to our customers will allow them to significantly improve their targeting game."

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Slice Ad Solutions enables marketers to precisely target consumers and measure ad effectiveness based on the total buying behavior of millions of online shoppers. Slice Ad Solutions is built on top of Slice Intelligence, the leading arbiter of ecommerce measurement. Slice Intelligence offers the most accurate, comprehensive digital commerce data available, from the largest, most representative panel of online shoppers, with three million online shoppers under measurement. For more information, please visit

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