SOURCE: Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd.

November 29, 2006 09:15 ET

SLJB -- Synergy Between Former CEO and New Team Is Formidable Against Criticisms

WINDSOR, ON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 29, 2006 -- Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd. (PINKSHEETS: SLJB) today is responding to recent events and shareholder concerns. What follows is a statement from the CEO of SLJB, Mr. Steve Sulja and the current management team now set in place to carry on with the vision of the corporation:

As previously set forth for public scrutiny, this company is currently forwarding all relevant documents and authorizations for streamlined distribution of pertinent public information to our accountants and attorneys, who will serve as the sole source of information deemed necessary and completely accurate for the public. The Officers and Directors of SLJB want to express their steadfast alliance with the vision and goals of its former CEO and vow to continue in the same light to achieve these objectives in the near future and in the long-run of our operations. Basically, SLJB is aimed still toward new levels of shareholder value and a presence on broader, more prominent exchanges, goals directly relayed from former CEO Petar Vucicevich and taken on as both solid business objectives and as support for the former company leader.

SLJB Management also re-stated that the current onslaught of negative press and its deleterious effects on every aspect of our day-to-day business and, we believe, the injurious downturn on our current share-price is nothing more than pointed sensationalism and an unprovoked tirade serving none but the names of those who would set them forth.

As ever, Petar Vucicevich has ensured the Company that he stands behind SLJB to lend support and guidance for the new team and the Company. His purpose is to promote a smooth transition for the newly inundated management team and to ensure the continued success of the Company, both publicly and internally.

The Company believes that in five short months, an operation has been built that anyone would be proud of, something for our children to know that our team helped to build, and no one here feels at all different, despite the poorly organized drivel of envious onlookers. These onlookers will become even more diffused as the public observes how stringently the Company adheres to upcoming stricter guidelines and compliance issues set forth on the Pink Sheets and larger exchanges in the near future. We will exceed the minimum requirements of these regulations.

In conclusion, the Company announced that it has secured a position at a globally renowned exposition, and to date they are in fact the only North American delegate attending: Project Lebanon 2007 will be held 2/27-3/3 2007 at the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center. This expo represents a market that expects to exceed $3 billion over the next three years. SLJB has positioned itself to garner as much of that market share as is possible. The expo coincides with the Company's completion of all of the service requirements and licensing procedures to open an office in the country operating as SLJB and subsequent offices in the region that will also conduct business under the SLJB title, a move that will make transparent the true ownership and management of the Company's operations overseas.

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