SOURCE: Sloan Wealth Management

December 10, 2009 16:39 ET

Sloan Wealth Management Says Things Have Changed

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - December 10, 2009) - As the calendar closes in on the end of the year, many investors are wondering both, "What happened?" and "What should I do next?"

For Rick Lear, Vice President of Sloan Wealth Management, these sorts of questions indicate the need for more communication between a client and his or her investment advisor; in particular, a better understanding of how things have changed. Lear says the old investment model that maintains 60% stocks and 40% bonds forever is no longer viable.

Frank O. Sloan, firm Founder and President, points out investors must be more tactical in their individual strategies because things have changed. Investing today involves a global economy with advancing technology and instant communication. The old static models are not tactical so they are unable to adjust to changing economic and geopolitical events. This is not to be confused with more trading in a portfolio; in fact, Sloan recommends less trading in their investment strategy.

Lear points out their technique involves what they call "Thematic Rebalancing." This proactive strategy analyzes many investment scenarios and when an investment theme is compelling, their portfolios are tactically rebalanced. For example, this may mean adjusting the bond allocation because in the early stages of emerging from a recession it makes sense to overweight high yield bonds; or if there is compelling reason to think the US Dollar will be unusually weak it would dictate an over allocation in foreign securities.

Casey W. Conway, Vice President Portfolio Manager, says that despite recent market gains investors remain very concerned with the troubled state of the financial industry after the 2008 market panic. Their expectations have changed accordingly. Investors want direct access to the individuals managing their money rather than a 3rd party liaison or relationship manager.

Sloan says we are a money management firm with an open door policy for our clients. We manage money like it is our own but never forget it is the client's money and how important it is to them.

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