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May 26, 2005 11:16 ET

slover [AND] company Completes Branding and Design for Wynn Las Vegas

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 26, 2005 -- slover [AND] company, a New York City-based design firm, recently completed a comprehensive branding and identity program for Wynn Las Vegas, the new signature resort from Las Vegas visionary and renowned resort and casino developer Steven Wynn. The property opened on April 28, 2005, and in the words of businessman Richard Branson, "There is nobody in the world who creates such entertaining and beautiful casinos. I would say every other casino must be nervous. He's lifted the bar dramatically."

Over two years, Susan Slover and Rosemary Kuropat, owners of the design firm, and the staff of slover [AND] company worked personally with Steven and Elaine Wynn and the marketing department at Wynn Resorts to develop a broadly-based visual identity for the emerging brand. "When you consider that Wynn Las Vegas was the largest construction project on earth and the most expensive resort ever built, the scope and breadth of this branding assignment becomes vivid," says Susan Slover, the founder of slover [AND] company and its creative director. "If no project ever built was larger, then, in fact, no single-location branding assignment has ever demanded more of a design firm."

The assignment began with the development and formalization of the Wynn signature logo, which is based on Mr. Wynn's actual signature, as well as the creation of the Wynn crest, which incorporates a stylized W and serves as the distinctive icon for Wynn Resorts, and has been used extensively on the Wynn Las Vegas property. But, the visual branding of Wynn was not limited to logos and icons. It also included the development of a branded look in typographic design, and the creation of a brand palette of metallics. The lead color, a warm bronze, was inspired by the color of the Resort tower. Platinum was selected as the first of three accent colors, and a signature element that spoke to the under-stated luxury of the Resort, which brings a rare element of intimacy to Las Vegas hotels. Pearl, a rich cream with a distinctive pearlescence, was selected as the second accent color to provide a neutral, yet surprising shade to the palette. Finally, gold is the last of the brand's color palette, for limited application in the suites and villas.

These elements were applied to front desk and in-room printed matter and other print collateral, and informed the design of other items bearing the Wynn logo, from the hotel's exterior signage and the Resort's two jets to the gaming chips, playing card and dice on the gaming tables.

While less visible in the public spaces of the Resort, among the most distinctive of the brand applications was the snack program offered in the guestrooms, which itself established a new standard in hotel "mini-bar" offerings. Over-priced drugstore candies have been banished from the rooms and suites of Wynn Las Vegas. The baker's dozen of snacks available in-room to guests of the hotel bear the Wynn brand name and have a distinctly gourmet presence, with a distinctive copy tone to match. (Some of the snacks are available for sale in The Drugstore at Wynn Las Vegas, in a four-pack across which the dramatic Wynn signature is boldly printed.)

And copy tone doesn't end at the snacks. The in-room dining guide, for example, which was designed by the firm, was written by Rosemary Kuropat, the firm's strategic thinker and lead writer. Says Kuropat, "People may hold preconceptions about Las Vegas that are not true of Wynn Las Vegas -- that's it's naughty in an old-fashioned, Rat Pack way. We wanted to bring a more intimate, sexy voice to the guest-directed materials, to acknowledge that, while the City is the 'adult playground' everybody talks about, Wynn is a uniquely sophisticated adult destination." Case in point: the copy line on the cover of the in-room dining guide: "you can eat in our beds anytime."

In-room amenities also bear a branded look. Dry goods (like soapbars, shower caps and shavers) are presented in pearlescent boxes with large, clean typographics, while liquid bath and body products are presented in a branded collection, Desert Bambu™. This private brand, exclusive to Wynn Resorts, was conceived, named and developed by slover [AND] company, as was its custom packaging, which features dispenser caps rare in hotel amenities programs. Desert Bambu™ is also available for sale at retail in the hotel.

Other Resort operations for which slover [AND] company designed identity programs, signage and print collateral include The Spa, The Salon, The Wedding Salons at Wynn Las Vegas and The Wynn Golf and Country Club, where the Wynn crest has been woven into the carpet at the entrance.

The assignment encompassed other key aspects of today's resort experience, notably for the Food and Beverage and Retail divisions of the Resort.

Restaurant graphic design encompassed the development of logos for 16 of the 22 restaurants and clubs on the property, including the marks for Daniel Boulud Brasserie, Okada, a Japanese restaurant and Lure, a nightclub, and the design of the architectural signage and menus for these restaurants. Graphic designs were inspired by the interior design of each restaurant, which was presented to slover [AND] company in detailed immersion meetings led by Roger Thomas, executive vice president of Wynn Design and Development, and his colleague, Jane Radoff, vice president of Design.

Other food outlets included Alex, a French restaurant; SW, the Steakhouse; Red 8, casual Chinese fare; the 24-hour restaurant, Terrace Pointe Café; B Bar, where Baccarat players make high-stakes wagers nearby; Wing Lei, an elegant and decidedly upscale Chinese restaurant; Parasol Up and Parasol Down, the two lobby bars; The Country Club -- A New American Steakhouse; Cabana Bar & Casino, which offers poolside gaming and refreshments; The Café, the coffee shop on the main casino level; and Sugar & Ice, where guests can enjoy sandwiches and sweets.

For the retail division, designed logos and architectural signage for 13 of the 18 Resort-exclusive stores: La Flirt, a cosmetics store; Shoe In, a women's shoe store; OutFit, the adjacent women's fine apparel store; Wynn & Company Watches and Wynn & Company Jewelry, both centrally located along the Wynn Esplanade; Bags Belts & Baubles, a fashion accessories shop; The Drugstore, a modern apothecary; The Pro Shop, which features golf apparel and equipment, much of which bears the Wynn crest; The Spa Shop, which sells bath and body products and accessories, including Desert Bambu™; The Cabana Shop, for sunbathing and poolside necessities; The Gallery Shop, where guests can take home reproductions of artworks from The Wynn Collection; Frédéric Robert Chocolat, a gourmet chocolate shop; and Wynn LVNV, a home store and the place to purchase many of the home furnishings and accessories that decorate the Resort.

As a side note, slover [AND] company also designed the logos for The Gallery and The Wynn Collection, as well as The Wynn Collection note cards and portfolio.

Even more central to the identity of the Wynn shopping experience, however, was the Resort retail bag and box program, designed by slover [AND] company which employs the Resort's branded metallics for a well-regarded form of "sidewalk advertising." The firm also designed a separate but compatible packaging program for the jewelry and watch stores.

Amidst all that luxury, there is even room for wit: the Resort shuttle buses, which one might expect to be coated in sleek metallics, are instead audaciously patterned against a red ground. Until you are inside the Resort, you may not get it; once inside, however, it's clear: the distinctively patterned carpets of the Casino have inspired the bus graphics!

All that aside, graphic design aficionados don't even have to go to Wynn Las Vegas to understand the breadth of this assignment. Also among the firm's assignments for Wynn Las Vegas was the design of the Resort's website (, which went live in early March before the opening. (Site implementation by Blast Radius, Inc.) The image-rich site, with graphic design more reminiscent of haute couture than hotels, sets it apart from the pack. It is a multi-media experience that combines voice-over and streaming video with standard service-oriented modules to create a "total experience" akin to the Resort itself. Says Kuropat, "the site pushes the limits of the technology, but Mr. Wynn said he would prefer to lead, and in doing so, challenge the technical community, rather than follow."

According to Susan Slover, Creative Director and founder of slover [AND] company, "There is no doubt in my mind that this has been the most engaging, most encompassing assignment in the history of our company, and I feel immensely proud of our accomplishment. At the same time, I know that none of it would have been possible without the Wynns, who are clients who were willing to trust us and willing to pay for fine materials and executions. Good design needs a good client. We had both."

A comprehensive collection of high-resolution digital imagery is available on request.

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