SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

May 06, 2008 17:03 ET

Slow Computers Are Damaging Your Bottom Line

Foregoing the Cost of New Equipment, Defragmentation Technology Yields Significant Cost Savings

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - May 6, 2008) - As upper management achieves increased productivity from its headcount by mandating 40-hour-plus workweeks, today's IT managers now stand equally responsible for upping an organization's bottom line by seeking increased efficiency from outdated and slow computer systems. In a case of "doing more with less," IT departments are increasingly turning to advanced defragmentation software that extracts greater speed out of every machine to raise the bar for efficiency without having to purchase new hardware.

In promoting its Manufacturing in America campaign, the Department of Commerce points out that: The competitive pressure on U.S. manufacturers has forced them to cut costs, to adopt lean manufacturing techniques, and to implement quality assurance programs that guarantee zero defects in production. Innovation in products, processes, and services has become a key determinant for success.

Recent advances by software companies such as Diskeeper® Corporation ( -- a major innovator of performance and reliability technologies -- allow a broad array of manufacturing and processing plants to profit from greater efficiency without interrupting daily production fitting into the model of lean manufacturing that is proving essential for companies to remain in the market.

Diskeeper 2008 with InvisiTasking™ work in real-time to boost performance of slow computer systems and keep programs running at maximum potential.

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