April 29, 2012 19:00 ET

Slow Down in Showers and Always Obtain Adequate Motorcycle Insurance Says Swinton Bikes

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 29, 2012) - With forecasters predicting that the wet weather will continue into May, Swinton Bikes is warning motorcyclists to remain vigilant in showers.

The motorcycle insurance retailer surveyed 1,000 online customers which revealed that 17% lose confidence when travelling in wet weather, while 9% avoid riding if they know showers are forecast.

Worryingly, 23% have admitted to having a minor accident as a direct result of wet road conditions.

Swinton Bikes, a leading broker of motorbike insurance is offering some valuable tips for motorcyclists riding in wet conditions.

  • Stopping distances will increase in wet conditions so motorcyclists need to reduce their speed
  • Look out for puddles as these could be potholes filled with water
  • Manhole covers will be extra slippy when wet so proceed with caution over these
  • Try to remain confident in your ability, the more you ride in wet weather the more comfortable you will eventually feel
  • Take extra precaution when going round corners, be aware of changing road surfaces and adjust your riding accordingly.
  • Wear high visibility clothing as wet weather usually means reduced visibility on the roads

Anthony Aronin said, "Less experienced riders may feel intimidated by the wet weather but they just need to exercise caution when on the road. Statistically, more accidents do occur in wet weather but if motorcyclists slow down and use common sense some accidents will be prevented, and of course, have adequate bike insurance in the case the worst should happen."

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