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September 07, 2010 08:46 ET

Slowing down the aging process

With expert coaching it can be as simple as exercising once a week

Attention: Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Sept. 7, 2010) - As Baby Boomers age, the dreaded days of increased health issues and joint aches edge closer-what most people don't realize is that they can slow the aging process down.

While aging plays a role in the overall degeneration of health, a more significant player is our sedentary lifestyle. Our bodies were not designed to sit eight hours at a desk and several hours on a couch each day. The accumulative impact of a lifestyle like this takes its toll on the human body, eventually leading to lethargy, acceleration of muscle and joint degeneration, and greater susceptibility to injury, pain, illness, and contraction of diseases.

The good news-it doesn't have to be that way-just a small change in lifestyle. With expert coaching it can be as simple as exercising once a week.

"It's no secret that exercise is an important component to a healthy life and longevity. What's misunderstood is that after years of inactivity, how much and what kind of exercise is best - what's really needed is a planned program that rebuilds muscle strength, restores healthy muscle ratios, and helps to prevent injury," says Joe Berill, a Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist and Director of Body Form Fitness. "For most Baby Boomers, making exercise and strength building a weekly event is a lifestyle change, but the benefits of getting healthy and maintaining good health are huge."

Often overlooked, is how building muscle strength decreases joint pain while simultaneously heighten the immune system.

"The explanation for this is simple," says Joe Berill. "Proper exercise that builds muscle strength creates little tears in the muscle. Naturally, the body's immune system immediately goes to work to repair the muscle tears, and in doing, not only repairs the muscle, but builds the immune system-it even leads to weight loss."

Every now and then, after years of little physical activity, people will get the urge to exercise. Perhaps it's because they're frustrated by their continual weight gain, or they're under doctor's orders, or just wanting to get in shape, so they join a gym and for a short time and feverishly workout. Why a short time? Because most grow discouraged when they don't see results fast enough, or due to lack of knowledge or guidance, injure themselves.

"Our practice has shown that one-on-one coaching by an exercise specialist not only helps to prevent injury, it educates the patient and brings the necessary results to achieve their desired goals," says Joe. "No matter their age, it reinforces a lifestyle change that makes exercise an integral part of the ongoing process of building and maintaining a healthy body."
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