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November 17, 2008 09:22 ET

slydial Dials-Up Over One Million Calls in First Three Months

MobileSphere Announces Apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Smartphones Allowing Users to Go Straight to Voicemail in One Simple Step

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - November 17, 2008) -

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MobileSphere, a leading-edge provider of global wireless communications solutions, today announced that over one million calls have been placed using slydial, the company's innovative free voice messaging service, since its launch just over three months ago. Due to the rapid popularity of slydial, MobileSphere today announced applications for iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphones, making it even easier to connect directly to someone's mobile voicemail.

slydial has hit a nerve in the marketplace, indicating the value of this effective and practical messaging service that offers a voice alternative to text messaging. To slydial for free, simply dial 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425) from any phone and follow the voice prompts. slydial connects to all major U.S. wireless carriers and calls can be placed from any mobile or landline phone.

To date, hundreds of thousands of people have slydialed for countless reasons, enjoying the freedom of communicating when and how they want to. Whether saving time, avoiding an awkward conversation or returning business calls, slydial has proven to have universal appeal. Now, with the release of the company's smartphone apps, slydialing will become easier than ever, increasing the use of this sly, yet practical, service.

-- Whether you're an iPhone fanatic longing to slydial with just one simple touch, or an on-the-go Blackberry or Windows Mobile user looking to save time by sending time-sensitive voice messages, slydial has an application for you. These free, downloadable applications let users instantly voice message anyone in their address book with a U.S. mobile phone number in one simple step. Download and install the slydial application of your choice on your smartphone by visiting the slydial applications page.

-- Don't have a smartphone? Have no fear, slydialing can still be an easy-to-use service. Join MYslydial for free and become a registered user to take advantage of advanced features for quick and easy slydialing, including Dial by Name and Click 2 slydial.

-- In a recent survey of thousands of slydial users, while 46 percent of slydialers already indicate using the service at least once per week, 80 percent of surveyed users said they plan to slydial more frequently with the availability of mobile applications which enable them to instantly voice message contacts.

-- slydial is the first application launched utilizing MobileSphere's new patent-pending VMS 2.0 mobile voice messaging technology. MobileSphere's VMS 2.0 platform, which is carrier-agnostic and interconnects with all major U.S. wireless carriers, also enables wireless operators and service providers to integrate, resell and/or white label the company's patent-pending voice messaging solution.

Quote, attributed to Gavin Macomber, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, MobileSphere

"Since the launch of slydial just three months ago, hundreds of thousands of people have slydialed their friends, family and colleagues. With over one million calls placed, it's evident that our user community has found everyday reasons to leverage voice messaging to communicate more efficiently. Now, our downloadable mobile applications for iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones enable slydial users to instantly voice message any contact in one simple step, a potential game-changer for U.S. mobile communications."

Quote, attributed to Staci DeNigris, slydial BlackBerry application beta tester

"I have countless reasons to slydial, but sometimes I don't know the phone number I'm slydialing by heart and it's not always convenient to write it down. The application for BlackBerry makes slydial even easier to use, saves me time and allows me to use the service more frequently while on the go, which is the best perk!"

Quote, attributed to Mike Moss, slydial user

"As a salesman I often work very early or late in the day. With slydial, I'm able to leave voice messages for people without disturbing them outside of traditional business hours. It also allows me to keep in touch with business contacts that are often traveling. Time differences don't exist with slydial! Most importantly, slydial saves me time by avoiding chronic conversationalists who like to hash through the woes of the economy before I'm able to get to my point across. Now, I just drop a voicemail and I'm on my way!"

Quote, attributed to Anne Cahalane, slydial user

"I use slydial to contact my ex-husband. I no longer have to worry about arguing on the phone in front of our children. I'm now able to simply leave him a voicemail without worrying that he'll pick up."

Quote, attributed to James K., slydial user

"By using slydial, I am able to tell my family members that I love them. It's very awkward for me to say that in a normal conversation, so what I do is slydial them later and leave a short voicemail. It makes it easier for me to share my feelings without the awkwardness factor. Thanks, slydial!"

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