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December 15, 2008 09:00 ET

slydial iPhone Application Now Available

iPhone App Allows Users to Go Straight to Voicemail in One Simple Step

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - December 15, 2008) -

News Facts

MobileSphere, a leading-edge provider of global wireless communications solutions, today announced the availability of its slydial application for iPhone. Due to the rapid popularity of slydial, MobileSphere developed this free, downloadable iPhone application that lets you instantly voice message anyone in your iPhone address book with a U.S. mobile phone number in one simple step. The slydial App is now available for free download at the App Store in iTunes.

slydial has hit a nerve in the marketplace, indicating the value of this effective and practical messaging service that offers a voice alternative to text messaging. Whether saving time, avoiding an awkward conversation or returning business calls, slydial has proven to have universal appeal. Now, with the company's smartphone Apps, slydialing will become easier than ever, increasing the use of this sly, yet practical, service.

Don't have an iPhone? Applications are available for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphones too. Download and install the slydial application of your choice on your smartphone by visiting the slydial Apps page.

Don't have a smartphone? Have no fear; slydialing can still be an easy-to-use service. Join MYslydial for free and become a registered user to take advantage of advanced features for quick and easy slydialing, including Dial By Name and Click 2 slydial.

To slydial, dial 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425) and follow the voice prompts. slydial connects to all major U.S. wireless carriers and calls can be placed from any mobile or landline phone.

- Quote, attributed to Gavin Macomber, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, MobileSphere

"Based on feedback from our user community, it was evident that our iPhone and other smartphone users have been looking for ways to simplify their slydial experience. The slydial app was an obvious next step. Our downloadable applications provide quick and easy ways to instantly voice message any address book contact."

- Quote, attributed to Clayton Wakida, Honolulu, HI, slydial iPhone App user

"Extremely useful App that every iPhone user should get and everyone else will want!"

- Quote, attributed to Bruce Wagner, New York City, NY, slydial iPhone App user

"I called 40 friends and family in only 30 minutes on Thanksgiving Day and left each of them a super-sweet personalized greeting. How long would it take you to call 40 friends and family without using slydial? And now, with the iPhone App, it's one-touch calling which is brilliant!"

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MobileSphere is a leading-edge provider of global wireless communications solutions leveraging the migration from fixed to mobile communications. MobileSphere focuses on providing mobile messaging and telephony solutions to service providers, enterprises, universities and consumers. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Boston, Mass., MobileSphere's products and solutions include slydial™ for mobile voice messaging, Joopz™ for web-to-mobile text messaging and CellularLD™, TravelCall™, Utalk™, CarrierILD™ for international wireless long distance. For additional information, visit

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