December 20, 2006 08:00 ET

SM&A Congratulates Companies on Major Contract Wins

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 20, 2006 -- SM&A, Inc. (NASDAQ: WINS), the world's leading provider of services that enhance clients' ability to win major, complex competitive procurements and to perform on those programs and projects when they win, today offered congratulations to several companies for their recent major contract wins.

Winning company proposals include:

--  Accenture was hired by the California Public Employees' Retirement
    System to modernize its computer systems.  The 5-year, $199 million
    contract encompasses the design and implementation of the state pension
    system's move to a web-based delivery approach built on an integrated,
    flexible, service-oriented architecture.
--  IBM Corporation was awarded a multi-year $41 million contract by the
    Department of the Interior (DOI) National Business Center (NBC) to obtain
    products and services in support of the DOI's cross-servicing initiatives
    for Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, E-Authentication and Human
    Resources Lines of Business.  The services for these initiatives will be
    offered as part of a new system designed to create a single, integrated,
    secure, automated on-boarding solution that will cover new hire government
    employees, agency affiliates and contractors.
--  Quantech was awarded an $88 million contract by Electronic Systems
    Center, Hanscom Air Force Base to procure specialized cost services for the
    base for the next four years.  These services include cost estimating,
    earned value computations, and what if calculations, among others.
--  Raytheon was awarded a contract with an estimated potential value of
    $185 million for the Federal Aviation Administration Long Range Radar
    Service Life Extension program (SLEP).  Under the contract, Raytheon will
    manufacture, test and deploy up to 68 new solid-state transmitter systems
    to replace aging tube-based transmitters in long-range surveillance radars.
    These radars provide continuous primary surveillance of aircraft in the
    National Airspace System.
--  Raytheon Precision Attack and Surveillance Systems received a six-year
    Cost Plus Incentive Fee contract with a potential maximum value of $164
    million for system design and development of the Silent Knight Radar (SKR)
    in support of the U.S. Special Operations Command.  Silent Knight is a next-
    generation TF/TA (Terrain Following/Terrain Avoidance) system for US SOCOM
    pilots using fully modern technology.  It will be deployed across the fleet
    on MH-47 Chinooks, MH-60 Pave Hawks, CV-22 Ospreys, and MC-130H Combat
    Talon aircraft or their successors.
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