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Field Agent

October 21, 2013 10:00 ET

Small Business Week - Can a Small Business Have a Workforce of 22,000?

Field Agent leverages crowdsourcing to compete with multinationals

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Oct. 21, 2013) - How can a small company with a staff of four compete head to head (and win) against large multinational companies?

Field Agent Canada leverages the latest in mobile technology and crowdsourcing to complete projects faster and at a lower cost than larger, more traditional competitors.

Field Agent is an iPhone app that collects information such as price checks, product distribution and promotion details from thousands of stores across the country by using our network of 22,000 people (A.K.A. "Agents") who have downloaded the app to their phones. These Agents get paid cash to complete small tasks such as retail audits, mystery shopping and consumer research surveys.

This powerful network of Field Agents reaches right across Canada and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Imagine your company launches a new product that is supposed to be available for sale in 3,000 stores across Canada. How are you going to ensure that each and every store is carrying your product, has it priced correctly and that it is displayed prominently on shelf?

Traditional suppliers of retail audits might charge $30 or $40 to visit each store and it may take up to a month to reach 80% of the stores on the list. With an estimated cost of $120,000 this type of coverage is simply out of reach, especially smaller companies.

Now, Field Agent Canada can send its network of shoppers into the same stores and collect the same information for just $8 per store. That represents an 80% savings vs. the big, traditional suppliers.

In addition, it will only take Field Agent 72 hours to cover the same stores that a traditional supplier would take nearly a month to cover.

"Our network of Agents is motivated by the cash payout they receive for completing mystery shops and surveys," says Jeff Doucette, General Manager of Field Agent Canada. "They also know that jobs may not last for long, so they get them done as soon as they pop up in the Field Agent app. That drives our amazing coverage and speed."

As a small business, Field Agent's staff of four employees coordinates the Agent network and builds relationships with its Clients based on quick results, inexpensive data and trust.

Field Agent Canada is a clear example of how a small business is using technology and the crowdsourcing concept to deliver exceptional value for its Clients and amazing growth for the company.

Field Agent Canada

Field Agent is a division of 1374878 Alberta Ltd, based in Calgary, AB. Potential Clients and Agents alike can visit for additional information.

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