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March 13, 2007 08:13 ET

Small and Midsized Businesses Using the Star2Star IP Solution Now Have Access to Rhythm and Grooves On-Hold Messaging

SARASOTA, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 13, 2007 -- Star2Star Communications, maker of the world's most reliable business grade Internet phone solution, announced today the availability of Vibecast™, a powerful and effective audio advertising medium for custom on-hold messages, developed by Rhythm and Grooves™, Inc. Vibecast is an audio messaging and music service that delivers custom-branded, professionally recorded marketing campaigns designed to inform and enhance a caller's on-hold experience. Vibecast now comes as an integrated option with the StarSystem, an award-winning business grade internet phone solution for small and midsized businesses.

"On-hold messaging is proven to be an effective and extremely economical advertising tool. We're thrilled to be able to provide this valuable service to end user customers, showing once again that Star2Star is serious about being an effective business solution partner to its users. We did extensive research regarding on-hold options and believe that Rhythm and Grooves is the best in the industry for innovative audio marketing," states Joe Rhem, President and CTO of Star2Star.

Brian Maguire, president of Rhythm and Grooves, adds, "We've worked closely with Star2Star to tightly integrate our Vibecast Services directly into the StarSystem architecture, eliminating additional external hardware requirements and significantly reducing startup costs. Customers can manage their Vibecast Service through an easy-to-use, web-based management and delivery system. Star2Star's innovative approach gives the small and midsized business customer a sophisticated communications solution that is budget friendly. We look forward to providing theses customers with an even more complete business solution and helping them leverage their technology investment to gain maximum business benefits."

Star2Star Communications is the only provider of a completely integrated End-to-End Business Grade Internet Phone Solution. As both the PBX manufacturer and internet phone service provider (the dial tone), Star2Star uniquely offers a complete phone solution that includes hardware, phone service, 24x7x365 monitoring of the phone system, network and call quality with 7-way backup that involves triple redundant internet connections, redundant phone carriers, redundant data center equipment, analog line switchover, disaster recovery (automatic call-forwarding if your office power is lost), automatic internet modem reset and optional dual-homed ISP connectivity. This exclusive integrated approach makes Star2Star the only internet phone solution vendor that can guarantee 99.9% reliability.

The response to the StarSystem, an award-winning business IP solution, has been phenomenal. While end users continue to rave about StarSystem's powerful features, reliability and quality, businesses who finance their equipment purchase with Star2Star also consistently report being able to start using the system, even from the first month, with little to no out of pocket expense since the average business phone bill is cut in half. Star2Star also offers a 30-day money back guarantee where end users can use the StarSystem for outgoing calls side-by-side their current system for incoming calls, confirming the StarSystem works for their specific office needs.

"Our close working relationship with our dealers told us there was great interest in adding an on-hold messaging service. The Star2Star Dealers do a great job with communicating end user feedback. Now businesses using the StarSystem can have comprehensive professional copywriting and audio recording services available at their fingertips. Through this partnership, our end customers can easily and quickly customize their phone systems so callers will have a targeted and personalized audio experience," concludes Rhem.

About Star2Star Communications

Star2Star Communications, the world's most reliable business grade internet phone solution, exclusively offers a fully integrated End-to-End architecture. As both the manufacturer of the system hardware and the provider of the telephone service, Star2Star monitors and manages all aspects of the system, network and call quality. The StarSystem is sold through a nationwide dealer network and is the only solution at both ends of the call path. The fully integrated approach from Star2Star is proven to provide powerful features, superior quality, guaranteed reliability and dramatic savings on phone costs for small to midsized organizations. For more information, please visit

About Rhythm and Grooves

Rhythm and Grooves™ is a full service audio marketing firm that provides branded audio messaging, music and identity services to businesses of all sizes. Utilizing its Vibecast™ audio appliances, creative processes and media delivery systems, Rhythm and Grooves offers customers an innovative service that both audibly captures the personality of their business and their customers' attention. Vibecast currently addresses telephone message on-hold, convenience store gas pump and in-store promotional applications. For more information, visit

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