September 08, 2005 13:06 ET

SmallCap.TV Stock News Report -- Global Diversified Industries, Inc. Announces $1,000,000 (One Million) Increase in Credit Line, Enabling Efforts to Increase Revenues to at Least $20 Million in

the Current Fiscal Year

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SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 8, 2005 -- SmallCap.TV's "Featured Traders Alert" -- Global Diversified Industries, Inc. (OTC.BB: GDVI), focused on the modular building industry with emphasis on the education market, is pleased to announce that its credit facility with its current lender has been increased by $1 million, from $2 million to $3 million, with a one percent decrease in the interest rate.

"The confidence shown in Global Diversified by this financial institution gives us the funds we need to grow the business at a less expensive cost," said Phil Hamilton, CEO. "This is a major step forward in our efforts to increase revenues to at least $20 million in the current fiscal year. The lender also stressed that it will work with us for future needs."

Latest Developments:

--  Global Diversified Industries, Inc. focused on the modular building
    industry with emphasis on the education market, said today that revenues
    for the first quarter of the current fiscal year, ended July 31, 2005,
    exceeded $4.8 million, up from $1.9 million for the quarter ended July 31,
--  Global Diversified Industries, Inc. focused on the modular building
    industry with emphasis on the education market, recently reported that
    revenue for the fiscal year ended April 30, 2005, totaled $9.2 million, up
    170 percent compared to revenues of $3.4 million in the previous fiscal
    year. "Our projected revenues are estimated to top $20 million in the
    current fiscal year and this current sale plays a key role in that result,"
    Mr. Hamilton said. "We urge our shareholders and others interested in the
    Company to keep up with our achievements and news about the Company and its
    products and services at our updated web site at"
--  Global Diversified Industries, Inc. focused on the modular building
    industry with emphasis on the education market, today announced it has won
    a $2.3 million bid to construct a two-story school building for the school
    district in Palm Springs, California.
Global Diversified Industries, Inc. Issues President's Letter to Stockholders


Why are we so bullish about our chances of continued success? As a stockholder, you should know that 73 percent of California classrooms are more than 25 years old and one million students here attend schools with bathrooms that don't work. It is estimated that nearly 1,000 California campuses are critically overcrowded, exceeding by 200 to 300 percent state density guidelines. California has the third most overcrowded schools in the nation and students simply don't do as well in such a facility, according to experts who have studied this crisis. That is why California is moving forward to solve this problem.

As a stockholder, you should be aware of our goals. These include:

* Doubling revenues over the next two fiscal years, from $20 million
  projected for the 2006 fiscal year, to our goal of $40 million in 2007.
  The Company will also grow through strategic acquisitions both inside
  and outside California.

* Achieving profits of $2 million in fiscal year 2006 and $4 million the
  following year.  We will add sales people as part of this effort.

* Adding another assembly line, expanding the factory to increase plant
  production capacity, acquiring a larger facility for our MBS subsidiary
  and entering the commercial market with "New Generation Products."
I am very proud of what we have built in a short period of time and very pleased with my fellow stockholders who have remained loyal to our endeavors. We are working for you.


Phil Hamilton, Chairman and CEO Global Diversified Industries, Inc.

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