August 31, 2005 11:41 ET

SmallCap.TV Traders Alert -- Global Aerial Surveillance Homeland Security Technology & Hurricane Katrina Assistance

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SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 31, 2005 -- Northrop Grumman enhanced-capability RQ-4B Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), market for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) will be worth nearly $5 billion by 2005, $10 billion by decade's end.

SmallCap.TV's "Featured Traders Alert" -- Global Aerial Surveillance (OTC: GARS) In one of fastest-growing segments of Homeland Security market. Aggressive plans are expanding company rapidly. Michael Heinz, who heads Boeing's Unmanned Systems unit and other executives at military contractors see an annual market of at least $10 billion by decade's end, with growth continuing at double-digit rates for a decade or more. Frost & Sullivan, a research group in San Antonio, forecasts that the market for UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles, will be worth nearly $5 billion in 2005. RELATED SECTORS Aerospace, Defense, Homeland Security, Exploration.

Northrop Grumman Nears Completion of First Next-Generation Global Northrop Grumman Corporation moved significantly closer to completing the first of its next-generation, enhanced-capability RQ-4B Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) due to deliveries of two critical airframe components within the last month.

Global Aerial Surveillance has received a written invitation from the United States Air Force Combat Applications Divisions Chief Douglas N. Larson, Maj, USAF, to demonstrate the company's products at the Air Force's Indian Springs facility.

Global Aerial Surveillance has the ability to survive and excel in 3 areas which happen to be 3 of the Hottest sectors today!

OIL and GAS... rising prices are causing a demand to find more in which Global Aerial Surveillance technology could aid in exploration or in PROTECTION of fields and refineries thru its surveillance technology. DEFENSE/MILITARY... the US is at War... how long will it be dragged out? How many of our men and women have to lose their lives. GARS' future technology can help replace valuable human lives on the front lines or for special missions.

HOMELAND SECURITY... Global Aerial Surveillance technology can help protect us from future threats.

The Department Of Defense alone plans on spending an estimated $10 billion on UAVs by the year 2010...we feel Global Aerial Surveillance is a potential leader for being awarded military contracts and capturing some of $10 billion market.

Global Aerial Surveillance Management has both strong military and non-military experience within the aviation industry. Company CEO, Tomaz Cervantes' experience includes a career in the United States Air Force where he worked on a wide variety of aircraft and aircraft systems. He is proficient with many different propulsion platforms, including single engine, rotor and jet.

Global Aerial Surveillance is past the start-up stage. It has technology NOW that works! This month, the company has successfully flight tested the Wraith XD-04E drone. The Wraith is an all-purpose reconnaissance UAV that runs completely on electric power. The highly aerodynamic unmanned drone can perform fully autonomous aerial surveillance missions for up to 4 hours without landing for servicing. Recent Developments:

-Global Aerial Surveillance Begins Full-Scale Prototype Development of New Gas Electric Hybrid UAV (Thu, Aug 25)

-Global Aerial Surveillance to Implement Collision Avoidance on Advanced UAV Prototypes Intended for Military Use (Wed, Aug 24)

-Global Aerial Surveillance Announces Successful Test Flight for Its Wraith XD-04E Drone (Thu, Aug 11)

-United States Air Force UAV Battlelab Extends Open Invitation to Global Aerial Surveillance (Tue, Jul 26)

-Global Aerial Surveillance, Inc. Secures Manufacturing and Administrative Facility (Tue, Jul 19)

-Global Aerial Surveillance, Inc. Begins Trading Under New Ticker Symbol GARS (Mon, Jul 11)

About Global Aerial Surveillance:

Global Aerial Surveillance intends to capitalize on what the company sees as an opportunity in the civilian and military markets to provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for a myriad of potential applications. Although the applications for UAVs are numerous, Global intends to concentrate its development and marketing efforts in small, underserved niches where it can compete aggressively with pricing and service exceeding the competition. Global will take a new approach to the development of UAV technology by making use of advanced composite construction techniques and materials and incorporating the latest in ultra-light high-speed computer processors to deliver a flexible, mission-specific UAV to its customers that can perform various complex missions.

A recent study of the worldwide UAV market concluded that US spending on UAVs amounted to about 73% of worldwide research and production spending in 2003. The US has dominated this market in recent years, due in part, to the depth of research and wide range of production programs.

Global Aerial Surveillance is a developer and marketer of both short and long-range aerial drones. The drones are intended for both private and governmental use in such diverse industries as military, oil and gas, municipal, forestry, agriculture and coastal/border surveillance.

Aviation technology has advanced infinitely in the last 20 years, with military aircraft development leading the way in the latest technology applications. From radar evading stealth aircraft to updated vertical takeoff fighters, the military has developed and created a variety of exciting and effective flying platforms.

About Northrop Grumman:

Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems is a premier aerospace and defense systems integration organization. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., it designs, develops, produces and supports network-enabled integrated systems and subsystems optimized for use on networks. For its government and civil customers worldwide, Integrated Systems delivers best-value solutions, products and services that support military and homeland defense missions in the areas of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; space access; battle management command and control; and integrated strike warfare.

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