British Gas

British Gas

May 18, 2012 04:00 ET

Smart Meters Put You in Control of Your Energy Costs

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 18, 2012) - Understanding your bill, how much energy you're using, and how much you pay for it can be a confusing and frustrating process. Smart Meters show you exactly what you are using and what it costs on an easy-to-read visual display. You can see the immediate effects of reducing your energy consumption, which helps you to take positive action and save money on your monthly bills.

Cutting through the confusion

Smart metering allows you to see exactly what you are spending on electricity and/or gas in pence per hour. There are no cryptic bills to decipher or nasty surprises surrounding estimates and actual use - just a clear and real-time statement of your energy consumption.

You can also avoid the inconvenience of sending readings, as Smart Meters deliver an accurate reading straight to your energy supplier via wireless technology, working in the same way as a mobile phone. Having this 'regular real-time readings' relationship with your supplier means it's easier to identify and resolve any faults or outages in your service.

Smart Meters can save you money

As Smart Meters allow you to see your energy consumption in real-time, you can track how much energy you are saving by switching off certain appliances or adjusting your heating/hot water programmes. Knowing more about the power-hungry devices in your home puts you in control of making the choices that will cut your energy costs. A smart meter can help you save up to 10% on your monthly energy bills.

Making lives easier

British Gas has already interviewed 15,000 customers with Smart Meters. Feedback indicates that the digital display is simple and easy-to-read, and that consumers are using their meters more than they expected in order to reduce their energy consumption and save money on their bills.

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