November 25, 2009 11:12 ET

"Smart" State-Of-The-Art Automatic Cat-Door Launched in Canada

Alberta-Based Company Provides "Smart" Solution To Unwanted Guests Entering Your Home With State-Of-The-Art Automatic Cat-Door

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Alberta-Based Company Provides "Smart" Solution To Unwanted Guests Entering Your Home With State-Of-The-Art Automatic Cat-Door

Sherwood Park, AB, November 25, 2009 - EIDAP Inc., an Alberta-based company which is Canada's largest supplier of companion-animal microchip products has become the exclusive Canadian distributor for a unique UK product for cat owners. Sureflap is a battery-operated cat-flap door which has a built-in motion sensor-activated microchip reader. The door will open only to those animals wearing a pre-recorded microchip-code. This product has sold over 14,000 units in Europe since its release a year ago.

Canadian veterinarian Peter DeNooy, who is the COO for EIDAP Inc., first learned of the product via a customer inquiry. Upon further investigation, DeNooy determined Sureflap beat its competitors with its combined sophistication and ease-of-operation. "It's a fool-proof way to prevent any unwanted animal from entering your house. If they don't have a microchip - or one the reader doesn't recognize - they simply cannot push through the door" explains DeNooy.

The CSA-approved unit operates with any injectable microchip used in companion animals in North America. Sureflap runs entirely on four AA batteries activated by the motion sensor, making it an environmentally-friendly, economical choice for cat owners. A one-touch button launches the smart-technology "learn-mode" and automatically programs the reader to record the code of the next microchip to pass through the flap. Unlike other comparable models, there is no need to program a long numerical code by hand. Up to 32 separate microchip numbers can be stored in the scanner's memory.

A 4-way manual lock allows pet-owners to choose any entry-exit combinations, including a vet-mode to prevent the cat from leaving. With a simple-yet-elegant design, Sureflap can be mounted in almost any door, including glass-sliding door models. The unit can also be fitted in-between wall-studs. Says Ron from Worcester, England, "We have had no strays pestering our cats since we installed it, no strange cats sneaking in …yet our two have complete freedom."

The official launch date for the product is December 1, 2009. Sureflap will be available from veterinarians and at pet-retail stores throughout Canada. The North American model comes with multi-lingual packaging and manuals. Interested U.S. customers can order online. More information is available via the website, http://www.sureflap.ca, or by contacting Peter DeNooy at 780-467-2707 or at info@sureflap.ca.

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