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August 03, 2009 08:05 ET

Smarter Container™ Solution From Impeva Labs and Quality Logistics Employed as International Instruments of Transportation for China Shipments

Quality Logistics Shipments From China to United States Receive Unprecedented Cargo Container Tracking, Monitoring & Security From Impeva Labs Global Sentinel® Services

SILICON VALLEY, CA--(Marketwire - August 3, 2009) - Quality Logistics Smarter Containers™, carrying Class 1.4G fireworks, are being monitored in real time as they travel from Hunan, China to Silsbee, Texas. The continuous tracking and monitoring of the containers and their cargo, throughout their global, intermodal transport (ocean, truck and rail), are being realized through solutions implemented and managed by Impeva Labs, a provider of dynamic, global asset management systems.

Mr. Bengt Henriksen, one of the founders of Smarter Container™ and the President of Quality Logistics, said: "US Customs Commissioner Robert Bonner was the first who, in 2005, urged the private industry to develop, what he called, 'Smart Containers.' We have come a long way since then. Impeva Labs is the pioneer in providing a global, secure, container tracking and monitoring solution that is intelligent and cost effective."

"We are very excited about this historic deployment of our services for the Fireworks Industry. With our 'Smarter' global tracking, monitoring and security services, we give Quality Logistics total visibility and assurance of a Continuous Chain of Custody™ without the need for any pre-deployed infrastructure," said Mr. Tony Moroyan, the President and CEO of Impeva Labs, Inc. "Impeva Labs also provides devices that are fully HERO certified to support global supply chain visibility for any class of munitions and explosives. This combined with very quick event reporting and uncompromised data security makes Impeva Labs solution very unique."

Following their transport via truck and feeder vessel from Hunan, the containers were loaded on a transpacific vessel in Shanghai on July 22nd headed for the port of Long Beach. From there, the containers will be transported to Houston Ramp via Burlington Northern Railroad. After arriving in Houston, the containers will be delivered to Texas Fireworks in Silsbee, Texas by trucks.

The Smarter Container™ solution consists of a quick install Impeva Labs Global Sentinel Unit (GSU) mounted on the containers. The GSU senses door state, internal light, temperature and movement. The GSU is remotely configured with trip-specific business rules like route, sensor threshold and different reporting intervals. Anytime predefined business rules are violated, an encrypted alert can automatically be transmitted to appropriate personnel, including local law enforcement agencies, in two minutes or less.

"We are pleased that Chinese Customs has provided special permits allowing the use of Impeva's GSUs as International Instruments of Transportation (IIT)," says Mr. Henriksen. "We strongly believe that because of the unique functionalities of Impeva Labs solutions, our Smarter Containers™ are in full compliance with the security requirements of CBP as well as the '10+2' regulations."

China Customs and U.S. CBP (Custom and Border Protection), CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission) or any other government agency can have full access to the tracking data starting from the loading point in China. The data will show any route or travel schedule deviation critical to U.S. authorities.

With Impeva Labs customer-centric service and support, Quality Logistics is empowered to have total control over the performance of its supply chain. The importer will avoid delays and costly inspection expenses as the containers arrive into U.S. The retailer will enjoy cargo integrity and just in time delivery to the market. Furthermore, the local and global customs offices will have the assurance of cargo and container security through obtaining access to the containers' trip history.

About Quality Logistics

Quality Logistics, Inc., San Carlos, CA, is a logistics service provider for the Fireworks Industry for more than 12 years and also handles hazardous chemicals from China to US. Started in 1996 as the outsourced traffic department for PepsiCo Foods International, the company has become specialized in handling logistic services for hazardous containers.

Bengt Henriksen, the founder of Smarter Container, in partnership with Impeva Labs, has now -- in a private industry initiative -- launched the End-to-End Wireless Tracking of Container System as the ultimate in security for containers imported into US ports.

About Impeva Labs

Impeva Labs, headquartered in California's Silicon Valley, has developed an industry-leading solution for global asset tracking, monitoring and security for commercial shippers and government agencies. Impeva's 'smarter' devices minimize unproductive reporting to provide the lowest possible life-cycle cost. Impeva Labs is currently deploying globally in a variety of markets including dry and refrigerated containers, fleet management, and high-value assets. For more information, visit the Impeva Labs web site at or email

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