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SmartMetric, Inc.

March 07, 2016 13:56 ET

SmartMetric Brings the Power of Biometrics to Your Credit Card While Protecting Your Privacy Since Your Fingerprint Never Leaves Your Card While It Is Used to Identify the Cardholder and Activate the Card Each Time It Is Used

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - March 07, 2016) - SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) -- Unlike other biometric identity systems the SmartMetric fingerprint reader inside a credit card does not require a person's fingerprint to be stored on an central database. Rather it is based on a person's fingerprint being stored inside the card itself which is then used to match with the cardholder's fingerprint as they swipe their finger across the card's surface.

The gigantic technological leap we have made is in the field of miniature electronics. In order to have a payments card that can work in Bank ATMs and retail card readers while working with a global payments network, we have had to make sure our card meets not only the length and width dimensions of a credit card but most importantly the thickness or height of a credit card. It has been this thickness requirement that has been the hardest goal to achieve, forcing SmartMetric to create many of the components inside its biometric card itself. We could have come out with a working fingerprint activated payments card years ago but it would not have been as thin as a standard credit card. Creating a super thin fingerprint scanner that is able to fit into the extraordinary thin dimensions of a credit card is what has taken us years of research and development and is something that as of our current understanding leaves as being the only company in the world to have achieved this level of fingerprint scanner miniaturization, said SmartMetric's President & CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

SmartMetric has successfully established high capacity manufacturing for its biometric card product with a commencement manufacturing production capability of 1 million cards a month. This production level can be rapidly increased to meet the demand from card issuing financial institutions. SmartMetric is now actively offering its leading biometric security card product to financial institutional card issuers around the world.

SmartMetric's biometric payments card solution provides EMV Chip cards a strong biometric layer of security and works with existing chip card readers in retail stores and ATMs without the need for additional hardware or systems at the bank. The SmartMetric Biometric EMV Card has an embedded inside the card fingerprint reader that is used to scan a person's fingerprint, authenticate the card user and then in turn activate the card's EMV chip prior to a transaction at an ATM or in store checkout. The SmartMetric biometric card solution increases the trust level while providing a frictionless and seamlessly enhanced security experience for the card user.

According to EMVco there are 3.4 billion EMV chip cards now issued around the world. The United States is now changing over in excess of 1 billion credit and debit cards to EMV chip cards nationally.

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