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SmartMetric, Inc.

April 11, 2016 11:17 ET

SmartMetric Publicly Released for the First Time Its World Leading Biometric Fingerprint Activated Credit Card at the Smart Card Alliance Payments Forum in Orlando Florida

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - April 11, 2016) -  SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) -- Following over a decade of research and development, SmartMetric showed for the first time in an exhibition its credit card sized card with a powerful built in fingerprint reader. The biometric fingerprint scanner built inside the card allows the card holder to enjoy the protection of biometrics since the card only works following a fingerprint scan of the card user.

"We had a constant stream of some of the largest credit card issuers in the country come by our stand to see first hand the new biometric credit card. What amazed so many was the fact that we had embedded a fully functional fingerprint scanner inside a credit card while conforming to credit card industry standards regarding card size and thickness. It was also recognized that the card is able to be issued by banks without them having to change any of their existing systems since the card operates using existing chip card readers and ATM's. Another big issue that pleased the banks seeing our card was the fact that SmartMetric can produce currently up to 1 million cards a month with the ability to ramp this up considerably within a relatively short space of time", said today SmartMetric's President & CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

SmartMetric is now actively in talks with credit card issuing Banks around the world who are looking at issuing the biometric fingerprint protected card to satisfy customer concerns about card fraud while at the same time mitigating their own card fraud losses.

"Other companies with biometric cards also presented at the show but none conformed to industry ISO card thickness standards therefore are not able to be issued by Banks. The other issue other biometric companies had is none had a rechargeable battery making it impossible for the card to be used at ATM's. We could have released a thick card without without a rechargeable battery years ago but we new for our card to be adopted by banks it needed to conform to global card network standards so we persevered to reduce the electronics of a fingerprint scanner that is so thin it can fit inside a credit card and conform to the payments networks standards. We are today the only such biometric card in the world that can be used across all card reader platforms including ATM's and conforms to ISO and banking industry standards," said Chaya Hendrick. 

SmartMetric is offering its biometric fingerprint activated credit card for $50.00 a card to card issuing banks. Consumer research shows card users would pay considerably more than this if offered to protect against card fraud. The SmartMetric biometric credit card is built around the global EMV chip card. There are now more than 3.4 billion chip cards issued globally. Recent consumer research is showing that 67% of credit card holders would be happy to pay for a biometric safer credit card that has a built in fingerprint scanner.

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