March 01, 2012 09:38 ET

Smartphone Survey Technology Quickly and Accurately Enables Access to People's Opinions Wherever They Are, Says Cint

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN--(Marketwire - March 1, 2012) - Smartphone technology has developed at an outstanding pace since the launch of the original iPhone in June 2007 and has since made many day-to-day tasks much easier. The evolution has touched many industries and now, new smartphone survey technology could change the way marketers operate, allowing them to have quick and accurate access to real opinions wherever the recipient may be, says Cint, a global provider of smart market research tools.

The old saying 'time is money' is perhaps now more applicable in today's business environment than it has been ever before. As a result, the majority of businesses demand a quick turnaround on all assignments, including gaining market insight, a task that traditionally was a time consuming and expensive affair. However, with new smartphone technology the entire process of gathering insight can be streamlined considerably.

Bo Mattsson, CEO of Cint, commented: "The power of smartphone technology can be integrated into many business environments and now, market research is no different. Thumbspeak, for example, is an application that enables businesses to connect with their target audiences via their smartphones. Unlike telephone, email or web surveys, mobile-based surveys can return the desired volume of results quicker than ever before as the respondents can be easily reached, even if they're on the move. Such technology can also be augmented with Cint OpinionHUB, providing marketers access to the opinions of over 7 million people online worldwide. We intend to provide even more efficiencies as our platform allows further applications of mobile technology.

"Understanding market conditions, consumer demands or discovering what individuals think about a specific product gives businesses a huge advantage and allows them to adapt to requirements as a means of maximizing turnover. Gaining market intelligence provides businesses with this information and now that it can be obtained so quickly, business can react and start putting the wheels in motion in literally a matter of hours."

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