SOURCE: Powermat

December 13, 2010 05:00 ET

Smartphones Are Only as Smart as the Power They Hold

MISSION, KS--(Marketwire - December 13, 2010) - (Family Features) According to Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and advisory company, almost 270 million smartphones will be sold around the world this year, up 56 percent from last year. And by 2014, Gartner expects smartphone sales to have more than tripled to about 875 million units.

Clearly, mobile phones have become more and more integral to both personal and professional lives. People need their devices to be ready to go at a moment's notice. Therefore, the devices themselves will have to continue to evolve just to keep pace with growing needs and wants. Wireless charging is likely to be the next replacement technology, relegating cords to the pile of outdated designs whose better days have come and gone.

The need for wireless charging seems to grow exponentially with every new gadget acquired. If phones no longer require wires to operate them, why should chargers?

With a Powermat, you can attach a receiver to your electronic device once and then set down up to three devices on the charging mat for safe and effective wireless charging of multiple devices from one dedicated outlet, rather than having to forage to find an outlet for each device.

It's not only convenient but will also free you from the constant hassle of plugging and unplugging, as well as the angst of running on empty since you need only drop your device on the charging mat to ensure wireless power delivery.

Its smart technology automatically stops energy delivery when your device has reached optimal charging capacity.

There are a full range of Powermat charging mats to choose from, including small profile single- or double-position mats that are ideal for nightstands or desks, and larger three-position and travel mats that are perfect for the family's charging hub in the home or on the go. Powermat supports today's most popular smartphones and devices on the market, including the iPhone 4.

  • Powermat 2X Rechargeable Travel Mat is easily portable with a built-in battery -- provides up to 4 full charges for your smartphones, and even more for other devices. ($129)

  • Power! Dual Rechargeable Back-up Batteries can charge up to two devices at one time, allowing the freedom to charge gadgets on-the-go when you're running low. ($40 or $60)

  • Complete Solutions: For under $60, Powermat bundles include everything you need to wirelessly charge your smartphone. The complete solutions bundles are available for the following smartphone models: HTC EVO and HD2, Motorola Droid X, Blackberry Bold 9700 and Curve 8500/9300 series, and the iPhone 4 (which comes with a protective case.)

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