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December 16, 2008 10:01 ET

SMB Customers Tap Brainshark to Save Money and Increase Revenue

On-Demand Presentation Solution Helps SMBs to Do More With Less and Differentiate Offerings

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2008) -

-- Brainshark, the leader in on-demand presentations, today announced continued strong adoption for its solutions among small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). Brainshark customers Virtual Iron, LeanLogistics and Welton Street Investments joined the roster of hundreds of small businesses using Brainshark to increase marketing reach, differentiate their offerings, shorten their sales cycle, and save money.

-- Virtual Iron turned to Brainshark to more efficiently and effectively train customers on virtualization best practices. LeanLogistics uses Brainshark across sales, marketing, and customer training. And Brainshark helps Welton Street Investments increase the reach of their topic experts and wholesalers to deliver their message to audiences of thousands.

-- Economic challenges have caused many SMBs to look for ways to reduce travel, cut costs, and increase productivity. Brainshark offers a way for SMBs to effectively compete in a challenging market by more effectively applying limited resources and avoiding the crippling effects of the downturn.

Virtual Iron

-- Virtual Iron, a provider of cost-effective virtualization software to small and medium-sized businesses, uses Brainshark to offer free training to their customers on virtualization best practices in the form of short multimedia presentations known as "Virtual Vignettes."

-- The Vignettes are ideal for reaching their target audience of busy IT professionals because they are available for viewing at any time with direct-from-the-expert instruction. Customers can watch the training at off-hours or during a system upgrade when they must be onsite, but don't need to be "hands on."

-- Because Brainshark makes it easy and cost-effective for Virtual Iron to provide the training at no cost to customers, the company can meet the needs of its SMB customers that have little or no budget to purchase vendor training, yet still need to learn how to implement technology effectively.


-- LeanLogistics, a leading provider of on-demand Transportation Management Solutions, uses Brainshark to increase productivity across many customer-facing areas of its business.

-- Brainshark allows LeanLogistics to more effectively leverage subject matter experts; recording presentations on popular topics once for many uses, thus freeing up valuable time and reserving 1-to-1 discussions for advanced conversations with qualified buyers.

-- With a relatively small sales force, individual productivity is critical and LeanLogistics' sales team uses Brainshark throughout the sales cycle. With the Brainshark Connector for, reps working within can select Brainshark-powered presentations from a library of topics, send them to prospects, easily see who has viewed the presentations, and focus follow-up efforts on the most interested prospects -- all from within their application.

-- The company also uses Brainshark to deliver on-demand training and tutorials to current customers and for new employee orientation.

Welton Street Investments

-- Welton Street Investments, one of the nation's first real estate securities Broker/Dealers and the distributor of Life Income Funds of America (LIFA), uses Brainshark to scale the reach of their marketing and selling.

-- Brainshark has become an integral part of how Welton Street delivers training and marketing messages about its core offerings. Welton Street's business development directors and LIFA wholesalers use Brainshark-powered presentations to reach hundreds and thousands of registered reps and financial advisors, providing sales training and product education that enable them to engage in more advanced sales discussions with interested, qualified audiences.


Attributed to Joe Gustafson, CEO and Founder, Brainshark

-- "At a time when companies of all sizes may be feeling the effects of the economy, SMBs need ways to optimize already-limited resources to persevere and thrive in tough times. Brainshark enables SMBs to multiply their reach and results while also realizing significant cost savings."

Attributed to Ginger Stegmier, Marketing Director, LeanLogistics

-- "Brainshark makes it easier for us to engage with our prospects and customers. By delivering presentations on demand, we've been able to eliminate about 75% of the ad-hoc live demonstrations that marketing used to perform each week, saving us nearly a day a week in staff time. Prospects enjoy the convenience, and sales reps increase efficiency by tracking information to focus follow up efforts on the most interested prospects."

Attributed to Chris Buzzy, Principal Trainer, Virtual Iron

-- "Using Brainshark, we created free virtualization best practice videos, which we coined 'Virtual Vignettes,' to demonstrate the value, installation and ease of use of Virtual Iron. But there's another very significant, benefit to the Vignettes -- cost! We save money and time by not traveling to each prospect to talk and show Virtual Iron, our customers save money by rapidly maximizing their ROI, and, we minimize support costs by having self-reliant, successful customers."

Attributed to Dean Bassett, VP Marketing, Welton Street Investments

-- "Brainshark allows us to reach more registered reps and financial advisors with training and product information in ways that would simply not be possible to accomplish in person. We're able to leverage materials we already have like PowerPoint presentations and deliver a rich audience experience that sets up our sales people for quality conversations."

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