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March 31, 2015 10:00 ET

Smile! Gebauer Announces New Single-Patient Pain Ease

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2015) -  Patients and medical professionals have a new reason to smile now that Gebauer's Pain Ease® instant topical anesthetic skin refrigerant is available in a new single-patient package that remains with patients throughout their hospital stay.

Pain Ease is produced by Cleveland-based Gebauer Co., the leader in instant topical anesthetics. Pain Ease is sprayed on patients' skin for four to 10 seconds to instantly and temporarily ease pain.

Gebauer today announced Pain Ease is now available in a convenient single-patient package that can dispense approximately eight to 10 applications. The larger Pain Ease 3.5-ounce package produces approximately 40 to 50 applications.

Gebauer developed a single-patient package for Pain Ease in response to health care trends and demand from hospitals and clinics.

"Doctors, nurses, physician assistants and other medical professionals asked us to produce Pain Ease in a size that can remain with a patient throughout his or her hospital stay," said Bethany Nock, Gebauer marketing director. "Extensive work was put into determining the most convenient and effective package to bring Pain Ease's instant relief to hospital patients who undergo needle procedures such as blood draws, IV starts and injections."

Pain Ease has been used for many years in hospitals, clinics and private practices for relief from the pain and anxiety associated with needle sticks such as IV starts, blood draws and injections, as well as minor surgical procedures involving suturing, stapling or removal of foreign bodies, and the incision and drainage of small abscesses.

"Now, with Pain Ease in a single-patient package, that instant relief can remain with the patient, turning their worries and frowns into comfort and smiles," Nock said, referring to the pain scale chart often used in medical settings.

In addition to the benefits in patient comfort and satisfaction, single-patient Pain Ease provides a safe and convenient means of dispensing instant topical anesthetic and could improve accuracy in health care facilities' billing, inventory control and departmental productivity.

About Gebauer

Gebauer Co. is an internationally recognized medical device manufacturer dedicated to providing Patient Comfort Solutions™ to the health care industry through the development and production of affordable, easy-to-use medical devices. Core products include Gebauer's Ethyl Chloride®, Gebauer's Pain Ease®, Gebauer's Spray and Stretch® and Gebauer's Instant Ice®. The company maintains a website at

Pain Ease Indications for Use:
Pain Ease instantly and temporarily controls pain associated with needle procedures (venipuncture, IV starts, cosmetic procedures, injections), minor surgical procedures (suturing, foreign body removal, incisions and drainage of small abscesses) and the temporary relief of minor sports injuries (sprains, bruising, cuts and abrasions). Pain Ease is intended for topical application to skin, intact mucous membranes and minor open wounds.

Important Risk and Safety Information for Pain Ease:
Published clinical trial results support the use in children three years of age and older. Do not use on large areas of damaged skin, puncture wounds, animal bites or serious wounds. Do not spray in eyes. Over spraying may cause frostbite. Freezing may alter skin pigmentation. Use caution when using product on diabetics or persons with poor circulation. Apply only to intact oral mucous membranes. Do not use on genital mucous membranes. The thawing process may be painful and freezing may lower resistance to infection and delay healing. If skin irritation develops, discontinue use. CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner.