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Smithtown Bancorp

December 23, 2008 11:30 ET

Smithtown Bancorp Approved by U.S. Treasury for Capital of $37.8 Million

SMITHTOWN, NY--(Marketwire - December 23, 2008) - Smithtown Bancorp (NASDAQ: SMTB), the parent holding company for Bank of Smithtown, has been approved by the United States Treasury for the Treasury to purchase up to $37.8 million of preferred shares pursuant to the TARP Capital Purchase Program. If the Company chooses to accept the offer and issues the shares, the shares would be non-voting, with a 5% annual dividend for the first five years, together with the other attributes and conditions as set forth in the Treasury's program.

The Company's Chairman, President & CEO, Brad Rock, commented: "There are currently significant differences of opinion among Treasury, the bank regulators and members of Congress about whether the TARP money should be used to provide capital to healthy banks. Treasury and the regulators have encouraged healthy banks to take the money. On the other hand, some members of Congress have said that the money was never intended as capital for healthy banks and that they intend to impose onerous restrictions on any bank that accepts the capital. For example, some members of Congress have suggested that any bank that receives TARP capital should not be allowed to pay any cash dividends. Others have suggested that Congress should dictate lending standards for any bank that receives TARP capital.

"We do not presently need additional capital. We are, however, one of many profitable, healthy banks that could use attractively-priced capital to support our continued lending growth and deposit growth."

Banks have 30 days from the date of the approval to decide whether to accept the Treasury's offer. Mr. Rock said: "We will wait and see if the Treasury Department, the bank regulators and Congress resolve their differences. If they do, and the capital is offered to healthy banks on terms that we feel are acceptable, then we will issue the shares and use the capital to support our continued growth. If the differences are not resolved or they are resolved in a way that makes it unattractive for a profitable, healthy bank to accept the capital, then we will decline to participate in the program."

During the most recent quarter, the Company's earnings were up by 21%, and during the first nine months of this year, deposits increased by 20% and loans increased by 52%. The Company has more than $1.8 billion in assets and is the largest independent commercial bank holding company headquartered on Long Island.

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