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February 04, 2013 08:00 ET

Smokers Face Higher Insurance Plans, Yet Can Save Money With International Vapor's Electronic Cigarettes

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - February 04, 2013) - Under the federal Affordable Care Act, insurance plans are now allowed to charge higher premiums for tobacco users. The annual surcharge could be as high as $5,000 for older smokers, according to The Associated Press. International Vapor Group, a popular electronic cigarette company, encourages smokers to make the switch and save their money.

The higher costs are a reflection on smokers being more than likely to get sick and use their insurance and also the effort from the federal government urging Americans to quit smoking.

"With additional effort and support for evidence-based, cost-effective strategies that we can implement now, we will have a significant impact on our nation's health," Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said when the agency launched the latest anti-smoking campaign in 2011.

International Vapor Group, also known as IVG, is an industry-leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of their top e-Cig brands, South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. Very few electronic cigarette companies have the level of expertise, passion and resources that the International Vapor Group upholds.

According to IVG's e-Cig savings calculator, for the average smoker who smokes a pack a day, or about 20 cigarettes a day at $6 per pack, the yearly expenditure is about $2,190. With any of IVG's e-Cig brands, the average yearly spending for the equivalent amount of cartridges is $605, coming out to savings of $1585 yearly.

Smokers have to purchase things like perfume and fragrances to help keep the odor at bay. They have to rely on gums and mints to mask their hideous breath. Lighters and ashtrays are small costs, but things like medical bills can cost the smoker thousands of dollars. Consider that the average cold can spiral out of control when your system is fighting the effects of residual tobacco tar build up, and how a minor cold can offshoot numerous unwanted side effects as the body attempts to heal itself.

With International Vapor Group's electronic cigarettes there should be no reason for insurance premiums to increase, and the smoker not only will be saving money through insurance means but there's also tons of savings just by purchasing e-Cigs over traditional cigarettes.

"There are millions of people across the country that are treated differently and chastised for being smokers. International Vapor Group provides smokers with a better smoking alternative," said Nick Molina, CEO of International Vapor Group.

IVG currently offers 10 flavors, with new flavors constantly being tested. Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Blue, Tobacco Gold, Menthol, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, Coffee, Pina Colada, and Peach flavored cartridges all come in four nicotine levels. The nicotine levels are 18 or 16mg, 12mg, 6mg, and 0mg for those smokers who no longer need the nicotine solution but still crave the fixation of a cigarette.

The electronic cigarette industry is rapidly growing with no signs of slowing down, and as researchers continue to conduct studies on the health benefits e-Cigs provide versus traditional cigs, giving the electronic cigarette more exposure and availability to consumers. International Vapor Group has taken the lead in the industry by providing customers with three electronic cigarette brands to choose from, excellent quality products and superior customer service. For more information on the International Vapor Group and for wholesale inquiries please visit

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