April 12, 2011 08:15 ET

SMT Introduces Next Generation KINGDOM Field Development at AAPG

Upcoming Release Integrates Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Capabilities to Enable Oil and Gas Companies to Better Optimize Drilling and Production Operations

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - Apr 12, 2011) - Seismic Micro-Technology (SMT), the global market leader for geoscientific interpretation software, today announced preview availability of KINGDOM 8.7 at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention and Exhibition. Scheduled for market release this summer, KINGDOM 8.7 introduces comprehensive new functionality to help optimize field development planning and operations. Major capabilities in this release include real-time geosteering optimization, advanced microseismic interpretation and well path planning. With KINGDOM 8.7, geoscientists, engineers, and managers can work together in the same software.

"To reduce cycle times and increase accuracy, geoscience teams today must use more real-time technology to better collaborate with engineers at the well site during drilling and completion operations," said Jitesh Chanchani, Vice President of Product Management & Business Development, Seismic Micro-Technology. "To help these remote teams work seamlessly in every stage of field evaluation and exploitation, KINGDOM 8.7 integrates cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary new science."

Optimizing development in unconventional reservoirs can be difficult due to thin stratigraphic sections and the unpredictability of laterally changing geology between well locations. KINGDOM'S enhanced microseismic interpretation capabilities and visualization enables teams to understand fracture growth and allows optimization through near real-time learning for subsequent fracture treatments.

"At Southwestern Energy we believe our ability to efficiently evaluate and develop prospects sets us apart as a leader in unconventional resource play development. To help us maximize our evaluation workflows and optimize drilling activity, we have selected SMT KINGDOM as our primary platform for geophysical and geological needs," said John Thaeler, Senior Vice President at Southwestern Energy (SWN). "We have used SMT for our seismic interpretation for many years. Their recent enhancements in geology and engineering, along with the tight integration, convinced us to extend this solution across all of our asset teams."

Planning a well path is key to maximizing contact with the reservoir and enhancing hydrocarbon production. KINGDOM Well Path Planner is a fully integrated well target and deviation planning tool within the KINGDOM suite. Users can pick targets in 2D and 3D, both in the Time and Depth domain. Well Path Planner supports the industry standard methods to design the wellbore and calculate inclinations, azimuths and offsets. With a single button click, users can create a cross-section of the proposed path and quickly share it with drillers and asset team members.

KINGDOM 8.7's real-time geosteering optimization capability allows users to simultaneously display a well plan and the actual drilling well path based on the deviation survey in a vertical display or seismic section. As the drilling progresses, incoming updates are loaded into the drilling well. This augments the deviation survey and the drilling well LWD log curve. These incoming update segments are then correlated with a user selected reference well log curve. This display allows geologists to 'track' the drilling borehole in relation to the target geologic interval and determine if the drilling path needs to be adjusted.

KINGDOM 8.7, available for purchase this summer, will be shown in theatres and demos at the AAPG, Booth #1340, April 11-13th in Houston.

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