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July 20, 2011 09:05 ET

SNAP Interactive Introduces Major Enhancements to iPhone Dating App Now a Leader on Both Social Networking and Mobile Platforms; Generates Over Six Million iPhone User Sessions in June

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 20, 2011) - SNAP Interactive, Inc. (OTCBB: STVI), a leading social application developer, today announced a number of advances in the mobile technology space for its flagship social dating application, marking a significant step forward in improving real-time communications by making it easier for users to meet and connect on the go. Mobile development has been a key area of growth for SNAP and the Company recently rolled out several new, cutting-edge features, improving the mobile dating experience for the more than 750,000 users who have downloaded the popular iPhone application.

SNAP believes that online dating in the future will primarily occur on social networking and mobile platforms. SNAP is already executing on its strategy to capitalize on this trend and is proud to report that recent growth has positioned SNAP as one of the few companies with a leading app on both Facebook® Platform and iPhone®. According to AppData, based on the number of Monthly Active Users, SNAP is currently the only company in the dating space with a Top 30 application on Facebook® Platform and a Top 30 application in the iTunes App Store in the category of Free Social Networking in the U.S. One reason for SNAP's growing success on mobile is the constant evolution of the product with the addition of exciting new features for mobile dating users.

Below are some of the new key features available in version 3.2:

  • Real-Time Notifications: Singles are alerted on their iPhone via push notification when a compatible match is nearby, so it's virtually effortless to locate and meet potential dates in real-time. Real-Time Notifications do all the work for users, allowing singles to meet potential matches wherever they are. Whether out on a Saturday night with friends or enjoying a casual lunch, the application will alert singles if someone they may find interesting is nearby.
  • Spotlight: users can purchase a slot to be featured in the Spotlight, where users are prominently displayed across the entire application. Spotlight users get significantly more exposure -- currently averaging 46 profile views per day -- which may lead to more likes, matches and connections than the average user.
  • Front-Facing Camera: now provides iPhone users with the ability to take and send photos while participating in live chat, so matches can see who they're talking to in real-time. The front-facing camera provides a preview of the snapshot right in the chat window, creating a seamless experience for users.

"In order for a mobile dating app to be compelling for the user, a large number of members is required to ensure there are enough matches when a user conducts his or her search," said SNAP's President and CEO, Clifford Lerner. "With an install base of 46 million to draw from, has achieved the necessary critical mass of users and we believe is therefore poised to be a leader in the emerging mobile dating space."

Since the beginning of 2011, has seen tremendous growth in mobile. Usage data from Flurry Analytics shows that the number of times users have accessed on the iPhone has increased by 194 percent from January to June. A more active user base creates more opportunities for members to find that perfect match.

Date Period
iPhone User Sessions
% Growth vs. Month
Jun '11 6,094,690 35%
May '11 4,518,461 18%
Apr '11 3,830,865 36%
Mar '11 2,820,919 36%
Feb '11 2,069,708 0%
Jan '11 2,076,532

Throughout 2011, SNAP has steadily increased its resources devoted to mobile platforms and considers mobile development at the forefront of its future roadmap. The Company has already begun generating revenue from its iPhone offering, and new revenue opportunities are emerging through recently introduced features such as Recurring Subscriptions and the member Spotlight. Lerner continued, "We believe that users will leverage social networks and mobile devices for their dating needs more and more each day. By focusing our resources and creativity on advancing the brand on these platforms, we feel that we are well-positioned to redefine how people date online and across mobile devices." is available for download in the iTunes App store. Versions for Android are being planned.

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