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SNAP Interactive, Inc.

August 09, 2011 16:05 ET

SNAP Interactive Reports Second Quarter 2011 Results

Revenue Increases 288 Percent Over Year-Ago Quarter and Grows 29 Percent Over Prior Quarter; SNAP's Ninth Consecutive Quarter of Revenue Growth

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Aug 9, 2011) - SNAP Interactive, Inc. ("SNAP" or the "Company") (OTCBB: STVI), a leading social application developer with over 49 million installs across its properties, today announced financial results for its 2011 second quarter ended June 30, 2011. SNAP posted record quarterly revenues of more than $4.82 million for the second quarter of 2011, putting it on an annualized revenue run-rate of more than $19 million based upon second quarter revenues. Our significant financial results follow:

Second Quarter Results (2011 vs. 2010)

  • Revenue increased 288 percent to $4,826,723 compared to $1,243,082;
  • Net loss increased to $632,868 compared to a net loss of $68,861; and
  • Deferred revenue increased 291 percent to $2,823,714 compared to $722,866.

In addition, deferred revenue at June 30, 2011 increased to $2,823,714 compared to $2,393,024 at March 31, 2011; and net loss for the quarter ended June 30, 2011 decreased to $632,868 from a net loss of $920,746 for the quarter ended March 31, 2011. Finally, while our reported net loss for Q2 was $632,868, the actual net cash used in operating activities for Q2 was only $438,966.

SNAP's Revenue By Quarter

Second Quarter 2011 $ 4,826,783
First Quarter 2011 $ 3,736,905
Fourth Quarter 2010 $ 2,791,418
Third Quarter 2010 $ 1,706,691
Second Quarter 2010 $ 1,243,082
First Quarter 2010 $ 927,436

SNAP's Key Product Highlights for the Second Quarter

  • brand added more than 10 million new installs during the quarter;
  • iPhone Mobile Dating app was downloaded more than 370,000 times during the quarter and grew to more than 221,000 new downloads during July 2011;
  • Introduced revenue-generating features on iPhone app -- including recurring subscriptions launched during Q2;
  • added more than 647,000 new installs during the quarter; and
  • has grown to more than 1.3 million total installs as of July 31, 2011.

"We are excited to announce another quarter of significant revenue growth as well as the ninth consecutive quarter in which our revenue has increased," commented SNAP's President & Chief Executive Officer, Clifford Lerner. "At the midway point of 2011 we have already well-exceeded our revenue for all of 2010, and this quarter's revenue total puts us at an annual revenue run-rate of more than $19 million. I'm pleased with the fact that we were able to continue executing our plan and growing the business while using only approximately $439,000 in net cash for operating activities during the second quarter. As a result, we have nearly $10 million dollars in cash and cash equivalents and investments, which we believe provides us with ample resources to continue building SNAP into a leading company in the social space. Expanding our presence on mobile platforms is a core objective for us moving forward. We believe that mobile dating applications and location-based services will offer significant opportunities in the future and have increased the resources allocated to these products with the goal of positioning us as a leading provider of these products. We are investing heavily on the engineering and user acquisition fronts while mobile platforms are still in the early stages of development and user acquisition costs are inexpensive. Growing the subscription base of on the Web remains an objective; however, our priority for and remains to expand their mobile presence. Although revenue opportunities on our mobile products are not currently as prevalent as they are on our Web-based products, we are pursuing this course of action because we have a long-term view for our product roadmap and believe this will better position our products for long-term success as more and more Web browsing and online activity shifts to smart phones and other mobile devices."

Lerner continued, "We continue to see exciting growth in both user count as well as in feature-sets on and remains a leading dating application on Facebook Platform and has also grown into a leading mobile dating application on the iPhone due to our increased focus on mobile development. We experienced some declines in monthly active users on our Facebook app toward the end of the quarter and into July; however, we believe this was not reflective of any decrease in engagement by existing users but rather resulted from what we believe to be a temporary decrease in inventory for acquiring users through our existing paid acquisition channels. We have seen available inventory and active user totals begin to increase again recently, and we also used this opportunity to direct some of those marketing resources toward acquiring users on other platforms, including mobile. We also began dedicating additional resources toward improving the user experience on, including initiatives targeted at achieving more re-engagement from existing users and further integration between the Web and mobile user experiences. Meanwhile, continues to develop with the primary objectives of launching new features and increasing its user base. Our principal focus with remains to build a best-in-class feature set in order to continue gaining market share in the location-based services space. We are prioritizing growth ahead of immediate revenue generation for because we believe the long-term potential for a large location-based services app far exceeds the benefit of any near-term revenue generated at the expense of growth."

SNAP's revenues are primarily generated from subscriptions and premium sales on its social dating application. Generally accepted accounting principles in the United States require that revenues from multi-month subscriptions be recognized over the length of the subscription term rather than when the subscription is purchased. Because subscription revenues are collected in full at the time of purchase, a portion of the gross cash receipts from subscriptions with terms of three or six months may not fully be recognized in the quarter in which the subscriptions were actually purchased. Accordingly, our gross cash receipts in the quarter exceeded our reported revenue. The difference between the gross cash receipts collected and the revenue from those sales recognized during that reporting period will appear as deferred revenue in our financial statements. Deferred revenue at June 30, 2011 was $2,823,714. While a portion of the subscription revenue collected is not recorded in the quarter in which the subscriptions are purchased, the entire advertising and marketing cost associated with acquiring those users is expensed immediately. As a result, our reported net loss for the quarter is more than the actual net decrease in cash during the quarter. Our reported net loss for Q2 was $632,868 however the actual net cash used in operating activities for Q2 was only $438,966.

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