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SNAP Interactive, Inc.

March 10, 2011 10:27 ET

SNAP Interactive Reports Traffic Growth on Its and Applications Dating Application Surpasses 35 Million Total Installs and Adds More Than 6.5 Million Total New Installs for January and February

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - March 10, 2011) - SNAP Interactive, Inc. ("SNAP" or the "Company") (OTCBB: STVI), a leading social application provider with over 40,000,000 installs across its social dating applications, today announced that its dating application added more than 3,000,000 new installs in both January and February to surpass 35,000,000 total installs. SNAP's newest product,, was launched in public beta in early February 2011 and experienced exciting growth last month as well. is a unique and innovative location-based service with a fully-integrated web, mobile, iPhone and social application enabling easy access to a user's social graph.

Additional recent traffic highlights include:

  • Year-to-date our dating application added more than 7,500,000 new installs;
  • Our dating application averaged more than 100,000 new installs per day from January 1 - February 28, 2011; and
  • Our application added more than 113,000 new installs in February 2011.

"We're delighted by the growth that the brand continues to experience," stated SNAP's Chief Executive Officer Clifford Lerner. "Not all of these installs lead to users filling out full profiles and becoming active or paying users. However, we consider these growth figures to be extraordinary for an online dating product. With the funds from our recent capital raise, we have concentrated our efforts towards expanding our user acquisition campaigns -- with a focus on campaigns that we believe will produce a positive return over the lifetime of a user -- as well as on hiring additional talent to keep growing our programming and support team. We continue to combine these efforts with enhancements to the product itself, with a long-term view of positioning the product for further growth and ensuring that the brand remains on the leading edge of the social dating landscape."

"We're also extremely excited about the first month of public beta for," Mr. Lerner continued. "We remain focused on building a best-in-class location-based product with We continue to develop the product by adding new features to its already vast feature-set on an almost daily basis." 

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